Tuesday, November 23, 2010

God is just soooo cool

So.. i've been going through a really tough time lately but have been seeking God in all of it. Now because of some certain circumstances I have plenty of time to just seek him and work on me. The things that i have been praying for opportunities to do have fallen in my lap, and i am so thankful. I have just been able to hear God a little more clearly in my crying out to him. and it is awesome!
One thing he keeps telling me is that I asked him and begged him to make me more like Jesus and when I start asking why these things have happened to me and what have i done to deserve this he calmly says to me.. "you asked to be like Jesus.. i know its hard but you asked to be like my son, and i want that so badly for you so I'm giving it to you. Just hang in there sweet girl... the day will come when you will look back on this struggle in your life and see all the fruits of your tears."Its hard sometimes to see the end.. but i know its there...

This weekend I did alot of driving and praying and just felt like God wanted me to go to The Ramp for their sunday night service but things just didn't work out that way, I had already been to Huntsville and back on saturday and Hamilton is a long drive in the woods alone.
This morning i found out why he wanted me to go. He wanted me to hear this sermon by Casey Doss. I'm sure that there may have been some other blessings in store if i could have made it there but God still has a way of getting us the words we need even when we think they are just out of reach.
Listen to the sermon and be encouraged to stick it out and seek God... No matter how good or bad things look right now.

Love you all!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Men of God and Some struggling princesses of the father

So... God has just been blessing my socks off this week in every possible way he can.
HE is sooo good to me... to everyone really... but especially to me...

My thursday nights are busy and full of God.
Tonight was On the Horizon's (Our church's campus ministry) first meeting on camps... it was great..God was there. Anyways.. when we started it was just me and the guys and about 45 seconds into worship i was just struck by this wonderful sound. it was the sound of 6 men's voices filling the room ... all singing in worship to our God... and they had become one voice, strong and stirring. It is something that i rarely get to experience and it was beautiful tonight. I felt like God was smiling and saying "I love those guys..." we worshiped about an hour and God moved in our midst... it was good.

Then i left before the teaching to get to girls growth group

I love this group. It was our first meeting but its working out perfectly. We are reading a book entitled "So Long Insecurity" by Beth Moore. and its exactly what every girl needs to read.

As we were meeting I was listening to all of the insecurities we each face and just felt so much love and compassion for each of these girls. It brought to mind what we are learning about in my gender issues class and how books and movies and stories we hear/read/watch influence how we view ourselves. -This stuff is true guys... we don't even realize it but all of the things these girls named in Growth group are the things my group in class listed as characteristics in disney movies or fairy tales....
I couldn't believe it... All of these Beautiful beloved Princesses were struggling with the failure of not living up to the fairy tale and our demented version of perfection.
And God has arranged for all of this to coincide on this one day.... hmmm, sounds kind of like him. I don't know what to do about it yet but i just needed to talk about it... and would love to talk about it more if anyone wants to give me a call.

love you guys!!!

i'll probably be writing about Growth group alot so just brace yourself!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Don't pray that prayer... unless you want it

so ... i know its been a while but I"M BACK!!

So some of you have seen my facebook status about this same topic and i just wanted to expand and share a piece of my life with you guys.

I have been listening to several sermons via podcast from The RAMP , a ministry of Karen Wheaton Ministries in Hamilton, AL. Damon Thompson preaches there on most sunday nights.

He has been preaching a series on the grace to live simply... I highly recommend these podcasts to anyone who is truly seeking God.

In this sermon series he touches on a subject that he has talked about alot in the past. He says that no new believer should be allowed to ask God to make them like his son for at least 10 years . they do not know what they are asking for.

 They know they see the end product and want to be that... but don't realize what is included in that process. When they begin to feel the cutting and removal of their selfish human nature and replacing it with christ it hurts. It hurts deep. When you come to a place where the only one you can count on is him, even excluding yourself, it tears you up. When you feel out of place everywhere but on your knees it is more humbling that anything in the world. When people get to this place they ask God "Why? Why me? Why now? Why does this have to happen?" and they often are too busy praying why and complaining about their situation to hear him whisper "because you asked for it, my beloved, you wanted to be like my son"
This is where people tend to stop seeking this goal, they think they can't handle it, and they can't, no one can, no one survives this and comes out the same person. They come out looking, smelling, and glowing like Christ.
I know this. I know those pains too well. I am right there in the middle of it.
When I Got back to starkville I was at a place with him where i didn't feel comfortable anywhere but on my face crying out to Him. I was holding tears back for a solid week and one wednesday night at Carla and Tim's I just couldn't hold it anymore. God was moving in me. I know that my pain was great and i know he knew that. I know that he said "you can stop this at any time... i will still love you but you can stop here. OR you can keep going and I will use you in a way you will Never be able to imagine... " And at that point... I knew I wanted to be that great woman that he has a Big plan for in the future... if only i could get there. So i gave it up again... and the peace that filled me the next two or so days was overwhelming. and amazing... now everytime something seems to begin to hurt in the pruning process i go back to these truths.... I asked for this, God will complete this good work in me, and I will come out looking like Christ at the end of it.
What could be better??


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

coming home early

I have decided that I see myself as a failure.
I don't want to and i know its neither healthy nor true... but regardless I still view myself in that way.

To let the ones of you who don't know me very well know... I am NOT a quitter. I am a finisher... A perfectionist when it comes to work ethic and finishing things.
I will suffer pain and do major damage to my body and finish something rather than not i finishing.
I can work for anyone.. even awful bosses (not that i've every really had one) because i refuse to quit.
I will put all that I can into a task to finish it up, leaving me empty and exhausted when its over.

I have only quit 4 things in my life... well now make that 5.
1.Softball in 5th grade because of a broken ankle.
2. Band after the 11th grade after some major problems with my back.
3. Tennis tryouts senior year because My body couldn't run the required mile everyday.
4. A job last year because my schedule didn't allow me to do what the job required.
and 5. Summer missions this summer.

and each time i felt/feel like a failure... like I was/am letting people down because I couldn't live up to my own standards.... and in my head i know that that isn't true because people have said over and over again that it wasn't but... I still feel it and the weight of it very heavily on my shoulders

Now... what do i do with this revelation?? I haven't a clue... but at least i can pin point a feeling or two in this crazy confusing time... healing comes slowly

so that is a start on my recovery/self-discovery from the summer

Monday, August 2, 2010

and i can't sleep

so... once again i am awake too late on a night when i should have been asleep a long time ago...

as i tossed and turned in my little twin bed I had so many things on my mind... trying to come up with solutions to problems, thinking about what the future holds, figuring out how to get over something that i really shouldn't be upset about and realizing that coming home early from Alaska this summer has taken a great deal out of me (emotionally and mentally)....

I have started 4 posts in the last week but i got to about the 4th sentence and had to stop because my mind is doing this thing all the time even in prayer and conversations with friends... this thing where there is so much going on and i know and feel so deeply that something is wrong but when i start trying to articulate it into words that i can't seem to formulate what needs to be said or what i want to say....
Its a very frustrating place to be in...

And ... I can't figure out how to get out of this hole... its like a counter that is just high enough that you can't get up on it by yourself... you've tried and you've tried and ... it even looks like you can do it but its just 1 inch too high and you cant seem to find any chairs or stools to help you out in your quest to get up on that counter...
thats how i feel...
I'm ready to get on the counter and out of this hole...
I need to locate the tools...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Don't worry guys... i am not with child.

I was looking through facebook today at all my classmates from highschool thinking about how 5 years ago we were getting our senior portraits taken and buying that perfect first day of Senior year outfit. How it seems like yesterday and so far away at the same time!

I noticed how many of my classmates have babies now and how amazing it is to see their little smiling faces and how great a job my friends are doing as parents!

I began to think to myself about the kind of mom I would be...

I think i would be a great mom...
my kids will know what "Cool It" means....
I hope my kids will look like this most days....

I think i will make their baby food...
I think i will let them get dirty alot...
I will teach them to look people in the eye...
I think i will allow them to express themselves through dancing and art(maybe even on the walls)...
I will let them wear the superman costume for 3 weeks...
They will always have shoes on in walmart...
I will teach them to act appropriately in public settings...
I think we will visit the library alot...
I will let them help cook often...

I know i am not a mommy yet and am quite a way from being there but this is one of those fun things to think about....
I mean it about the Cheetos and Hotdogs.... they won't be banned but we're not having them everyday!
love y'all,
Chelsea Lou

the photo above was taken by Sarah Hinton Photography, Bay Springs, MS

Sunday, July 25, 2010

restroom evangelism

So on my way home from a baby sitting job last night i stopped at a very well lit 24 hour gas station to fill up and get a red bull for the drive back, and when i got to the restroom (because everyone knows you should always try!) i met a lady. She was missing a few teeth and had dirty white tennis shoes on... i met her because she hadn't closed the door to her stall and i had to pass her to get to mine.

She then began to tell me about herself. She'd been in prison for a while and didn't even realize she forgot to shut the door until i said excuse me. She was tile layer... did walls, floors, and bathtubs, and she was amazing at what she did. She was the only woman on a work team of about 8 or so that was traveling from west texas to pensacola, FL (where she was from)and she needed a beer because she had "had enough of their sh*t". I talked back and forth with her for a while (mostly listening) thinking, "What do i say to this woman who has told me her whole life story while we are in this dirty bathroom?" So i did as a good southern lady would do and commented on her skills as something worth alot and how i knew road trips are rough especially if your the only female.
After I washed my hands and dried them and told her i had to get back on the road... She then did something that i was shocked by... She apologized for talking to me. I was taken aback but told her not to worry, she wasn't bothering me and i hoped the night got better for her.

As I got back into my nice freshly detailed Hyundai and drove off, I realized how much she needed love and how much she needed God and how ill prepared i was to give either of those to her in the 5 minutes we were together. I realized that those 5 minutes were all that i had and i will never have another chance to see her again... to give her the attention and love that she so desired.
I began to pray for her and after a few minutes God showed me a couple of other instances where i was in the right place at the right time.... or rather HE put me in the right place at the right time to hear people's stories... In wal-mart in anchorage or sitting on the sidewalk in New Orleans. I guess i have a face that screams "tell me your life story!!"... and its an AMAZING gift.

He then showed me that although I can get the stories easily... more like they fall in my lap... that when i get them i don't know what to do with them, I've trained myself so well in long term relationships that this amazing 5 minute opportunity didn't have a climax... it just stopped.

So now... 24 hours later i am asking myself... Why am I not prepared and now, how do i prepare myself? How do i show these people love in a way they have never felt before when i will never see them again?
This will be a long process and I've got a lot of learning to do ... but i can't wait to see the end result!

-Chelsea Lou!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Perplexed Am I !

So... after a year of pretty much taking a break from too much artsy stuff I am beginning to realize that I am really good at this stuff and... well... it could sell... i just have to make it.

This brings me to a perplexing place. I was planning on finding an afterschool job and working on my art and crafty things in order to get enough to sell at shows or just from home or simply working on the art. There are pros and cons to both which makes it a hard decision to make.

so... i am going to see what you guys think...

here are some facts about work:
>i will only be able to work 3 hours a day at an on campus job (15 hrs a week)
>probably will be getting paid minimum wage
>it will give me a extremely full schedule (9am-5pm) everyday which makes for a tired girl with lots of extracurricular activities and little time to work on much else than school work
>i have a job on game weeks but like i said... it won't be for very many hours
>I don't have a job lined up at this time... i have made some calls but no response yet

facts about the art side:
>i love it
>If i don't work then i'll have at least 3 hours a day to work on getting together a large stash for resale
>It takes money to buy supplies
>i don't have much room in which to do art work.
>i really enjoy it and feel calmer and at home when I can do it
>I have 1 contracted work (thanks to Chelle) already
>I have a boutique owner in Alaska and slidell that is interested in selling my work for a small commission

hmmm... looks like the pros and cons are pretty convincing to my free spirit but not to my responsible and planning for the future side!

Soooo... Let me hear what you guys think...

p.s. Everyone that comments (on either side) i will make something for you... like i said... i really like doing this stuff

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

sweet summertime

so on this night in july when i can't sleep at all (due to the steroids prescribed for my back) i have been thinking ...
thinking about summer...

thinking about how as kids we love summer... it meant a break from the ordinary... no school no homework no drama with classmates... Summer meant change and as kids any idea of change from the ordinary excites us...
now i am looking at what will be probably my last summer break... i have a little over a month left and i'm ready to get back to the ordinary... but i am slowly realizing that the ordinary is not the same as it was when i left my haven at 401b ... the change that awaits me at "ordinary" is quite big... probably the biggest change that i have ever experienced at once... thats a big deal...

now don't get me wrong i love the idea of summer time... lazy days in the sun .. but some of the biggest changes in my life have happened over summer break... making it hard to say that i actually love summer...
i look forward to the days when change comes slowly... when I don't have to stop my life in one place and come back in 3 months to find everything is different and only a few things remain constant
i'm not sure what i am getting at but there it is...
from the mind of chelsea lou

Sunday, July 18, 2010

i know there is a plan... but what is it?

So Coming home early from Alaska early was a tough decision to make but after I gave it to God he gave me such perfect peace about it. Now after 3 days of complete rest and very little if any relief I'm getting restless... I want to do something... I want to see what this plan is that God has for me here because its beginning to get to me. Several other things have happened that keep adding stress and making it harder to just rest and get well.
I know he has a plan and I know that I have nothing without him. I just can't see it yet.... and i want to so badly... i want to be in his will so badly .... but right now... i can't clearly see what that is right now.

maybe it is to rest
maybe he is teaching me to totally an completely rely on him
there are so many maybes right now

Friday, July 16, 2010

God's Event planning...

Isn't it funny how God has been planning something for weeks and you keep getting frustrated with him until you realize... He's had a perfect plan for me all along.

Well this is exactly what has happened over the last few weeks...
and I am so Glad it did...

As many of you know I had to make a tough decision to come home from Alaska early to get some rest and seek further treatment for my back. God had planned it all for this specific week for at least 2 weeks prior.
  • I was sad that I only had a helpers position at VBS in Girdwood, but HE knew that if I had a position of leadership there that I would not have made the decision based on my needs but my commitments.
  • I was having a hard time getting to know my team there, and was just starting to feel part of the team but He used this to make it easier because were I more emotionally invested in the team my commitments would have overcome my needs.
  • I was having a great time meeting people but a hard time getting to a deeper level with them, making it easier to do what He needed me to do rather than what I thought He wanted me to do there.
  • I made a commitment to him to stay off the computer and facebook for a while making me rely totally on HIM to make this decision because I wasn't able to talk to my goto people that help my make my decisions.
Its been a rollercoaster of a week... and I still have much to see of what else God did during these past few days.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

in christ alone

last verse of this amazing song that i will be singing in the morning when i start my week long fast from the computer:

No Guilt in life, no fear in death
this is the power of christ in me.
No Power of hell, NO SCHEME OF MAN
Can ever pluck me from HIS hand
Till he returns or calls me home
Here in the power or christ I'll stand!

Talk to you guys next saturday!
Pray for me!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will flow with peace.

This quote by Jimi Hendrix caught my eye in the church on sunday at the tie dye service for forest fair. While we were sitting in the service listening to pastor Jim give his sermon this came to my mind....
All of the amazing quotes about changing the world with love are true... all the things that the young people during the 60's were searching for really could have changed the world.
They were searching for love ... but they were misled and thought love meant sex and good feelings that you get from other people.
But WE know that GOD is the only source of lasting true love and that feelings fade and people hurt each other... even with the best of intentions because we are human.
The thing that is sad and amazing at the same time is that those people who were searching for love over 40 years ago are still searching for it. They are still looking for love in the things that are not God.
The young people today are continuing to look for the love that their parents and grandparents never found. And the thing is that they are looking in the same places.... sex, money, drugs, and feelings. They are in need of someone to introduce them to the only source of love...
GOD IS LOVE (1john 4:8)

Pray for those who were made to introduce their peers to the ONE who created love.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

these hands

These hands have driven thousands of miles...
these hands have pulled many weeds...
these hands have rolled alot of hair...
these hands have crocheted millions of stitches...
these hands have held 3 month old orphans with chicken pox until they slept...
these hands have played bass guitar...
these hands have removed graffiti...
these hands have been decorated with Henna...
these hands have mastered a Mac...
these hands have sold tires...
these hands are ready to paint....
these hands have dropped many cell phones...
These hands have dyed t-shirts...
these hands have waited on some of the most affluent people in Mississippi...
these hands love to get dirty...
these hands have treed many sentences...
These hands sometimes don't do all their research...
these hands have taught english...
these hands have been lifted before God....
these hands need to pray...
these hands need to hold someone else's....
these hands were made to travel..
these hands were made to hold a child...
these hands were made to feed the hungry...
These hands were made by the one who uses them for his own good...
These hands are perfect for this girl...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

There is surviving and then there is thriving

God is revealing to me this morning the things he has been trying to get through my head the past week or so. He is teaching me about surviving and thriving and the difference between the two ... and that sometimes (most times) we ask for help to survive when we really want help to thrive.
Here are the definitions of the two words.
To Survive:
1. To remain alive or in existence.
2. To carry on despite hardships or trauma; persevere
3. To remain functional or usable

To Thrive:
1. To make steady progress; prosper.
2. To grow vigorously; flourish

I am a person that is very used to thriving. I do very well at most things I attempt (other than spelling). I thrive and have thrived in most of the settings of my life... but then this week came along and I was miserable...My back went out, my phone was broken, my only source of contact with my support system was facebook and with the time difference I kept missing the people I wanted to talk to the most.
I began to pray to God to give me the things I"needed" to "survive" ... and he gave them to me... a phone that stayed broken, an understanding supervisor and his wonderful wife, pain meds, some amazingly encouraging conversations with my dearest girl friends and lots of time to cry and be by myself before Him... and I did just that... Survived.
But I didn't feel like I was surviving... I felt like I was going crazy and dying on the inside because I am so used to THRIVING that i think my SURVIVING is me actually THRIVING.
It wasn't until this morning after 5 days of praying for strength and healing to survive that what I really needed to be praying was for the strength and healing to thrive!
God is teaching me that sometimes as a child of his he sometimes needs us to be only in survival mode so that other children of his own can thrive, so that his love will be shared with exactly who it needs to be shared with. He needs us to be broken down with no clue what to do next to make things better for ourselves so that he can grow us in a new way that we never even imagined.
Although this week has been the most miserable physically that i can remember (simply because there was so much i wanted to do but couldn't) It will always rest well in my mind the week that God taught me exactly what i NEED to Survive!
All my love

Sunday, June 27, 2010

adventures of the bed-ridden

ok... so i am not officially bed ridden but it is the least painful place to be these past few days but God and his wonderful ways has used them to bless me. He has taught me that ministry can happen from a bed with no contact with the people i am supposed to be ministering to... it just happens through other people who may not have the time or courage to go if i were well enough to do the things we had planned. He allowed me to make a friend in Wal-Mart waiting on my prescription and although she wasn't completely there, I brought a smile to her face and gave here the attention that even her daughter did not seem to have time to give her.
God also blessed me with $2o on the floor in the doorway of walmart to pay for my meds... praise him!
although i am more than ready to get back out into town and see people again i am even more eager to see what else God has planned in this time of pain and slowing down!

sorry that was all over the place but its just alot of info that fits together but doesn't(if that makes any sense)
love you all!
-chelsea lou

Friday, June 25, 2010

your hands

I have unanswered prayers
I have trouble I wish wasn't there
And I have asked a thousand ways
That You would take my pain away
I am trying to understand
How to walk this weary land
Make straight the paths that crookedly lie
Oh Lord, before these feet of mine

When my world is shaking
Heaven stands
When my heart is breaking
I never leave Your hands

When You walked upon the Earth
You healed the broken, lost, and hurt
I know You hate to see me cry
One day You will set all things right

When my world is shaking
Heaven stands
When my heart is breaking
I never leave Your hands

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

moose and belugas

i am trying to figure out what to write to let you all know what is going on here but all that comes to my mind and sounds right is this...

This place is exactly where God wants me to be
this summer... his summer,
loving these people... his people,
doing this work... his work,
and seeing this part of creation.... his creation.

He has removed every thing that was in the way and protected those who he needed to protect. He has given me a great family and amazing friends that want me here as much as he does.
He is good.. so good... i've been telling him that over and over and over today.

that is all that feels right on this page... no stories no info just

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wedding Fever is over... sad day

So yesterday we were just walking around in wal-mart waiting on our other teammates to finish up shopping and i was quickly drawn to the beautiful and elegant cover of the new Real Simple Weddings.

thumbing through the pages i slowly realized i haven't a single wedding to plan anymore, which is a TOTAL change of pace from the last 2 and a half years with all my dear roomates getting hitched.... so i reluctantly put the 13.99 magazine down and realized sadly wedding fever is over for now ...

But there is hope because... It will return!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

week 2 ... what an adventure already

So.. i have been in girwood a week and i love it... I know that this is exactly where God wants me to be this summer.
I have met so many interesting people and with the natural counselor tendencies hidden within my bag of tricks i have successfully heard many of their stories. And God is using it in a profound way.
One thing for you all to know about resort missions is that its all about the relationships. God loves people in the circumstance that they are currently in and being Christians (little Christs) we are supposed to exhibit that love and show it to the people who need it most. So that is what we are doing here... showing love in a real way... not in a words only way but in a I want to be your friend and serve you no matter if you love my Jesus or not... if you come to love him this summer through encounters with me... GREAT!!! Praise God!... but if not... thats ok... i still want to be your friend.
God in a great turn of events led me to several Christians the first day I spent out in town.. it was so encouraging. God knew i needed that the first day.
Every day since then I have been meeting interesting people left and right who are more than happy to share their stories with me. One Girl came here for the summer last year and stayed. (don't worry naenae or beverly, I love girdwood but i love starkvegas more). One christian lady shared her salvation and the process God took her through to meet her husband and now they are doing ministry together here. One guy worked on a goat farm.
I am finding that everyone is an interesting person and everyone has a story and WANTS to tell it. They are just waiting for someone to ask and stop and really listen to what they are saying.
I Challenge all of you who are reading this to ask a stranger about their story this week. or even ask someone you know but want to know better and let me know how it goes. I know that God has blessings left and right for those who search for them!
Love you all!
-Chelsea Lou ;)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

HI from Alaska!!

ok so... i made it... and this is definitely where God wants me to be this summer. I'm made for Girdwood.(which is the town i'm living in this summer) however i am not made for bike riding... but that is another story all together. Girdwood is located about 40 miles south of Anchorage along the Turnigan arm(i am sure i spelled this wrong) and its full of artsy young families with amazing kids and very friendly people who i know i will grow to love. Today we went and worked at a soccer camp for kids and i loved it even though i know almost nothing about the sport.. But all you need is to know God and have a willing spirit and believe it or not.. he will use you to bless the ones you are helping so tremendously
Yesterday we went into Palmer and spoke at a VBS and got to meet an amazing lady named Ms. Kay. Ms. Kay is the definition of hard core and she loves the lord and her only purpose in life is to lead others to him. She told us some amazing stories about her life here in Alaska as well as the time she spent in the lower 48. Her stories went right along with something God has been teaching me about himself this past week or so... God truly provides for his children. God more than provides for his children, He gives them Everything they need as well as some of the things they would never even ask for. So many times we forget this.
well now it is rest time!! I've heard Jet Lag is killer so i am going to try to beat it this time!
Talk to you guys later!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

oh so tired...

today i spent the day in a hospital waiting room and realized many valuable things.
1. Always bring cash. Snack machines only take it and you always need a snack
2. If you sit near the older people, especially papaws because they have some wisdom and they are always looking for someone to share it with.
3. Its always good to sit near the door because that is where the good magazines are.
4.a waiting room is not a good place to try to write a paper.
5. people are not afraid to talk about their loved one's ailment and definitely want to know what is going on with your loved one.
6. (the most important) I am so Glad i am the Bride of the Prince of Peace
and that is what I learned in the waiting room today!
-love chels

Thursday, April 22, 2010


so the other day i participated in the Toms day without shoes to raise awareness about Toms and their mission of getting shoes to all the children in the world who do not have shoes at all. now though i have really torn up my feet and I am in much pain right now. I am still not sure if the continued pain was worth it but at least i am committed fully to my cause

First blog ever

Hi guys!
well... this is my first official blog post ever! Everyone is so excited I know, but calm down , today's post isn't going to be that interesting.
I decided I should start a blogging routine now so that when I get to the Big state of ALASKA this summer you guys can keep up with me!
the end,
Chelsea Lou