Monday, February 11, 2013

Meatless Monday: week 1

So as I was scrolling through pinterest I came across this post labeled "Bob's skinny rules" After reading them all of them seemed so doable. a couple include: No Carbs after Lunch, Don't Drink Your Calories, Go to Bed Hungry and several others. 

The one that came to my mind often this weekend of Going Gluten free was to Plan to Make one day Meat Free. I started thinking about it.. and it really is a good idea. Not from a "Protect the Animals" point of view but from the "Eat your Veggies" point of view. 

I mean, think about it. If you can't eat meat , and like me you cant have most breads or pastas, what else is left to eat? Fruits and veggies!! So I'm gonna try it. I know that I can't commit to more than just one day because I really enjoy eating meat.

I've decided for me the best day to do it is Monday. I have to work every Monday, and there are very few times where something comes up and I don't have control of where and what i'm eating. As long as I plan before and have the right foods in the fridge I am confident that it will go well. 

I am hopeful.. I don't know how much it will effect my health but, I know that it will help train myself to make choices that are positive and to abstain from over eating. 

Today I had:
a vanilla yogurt with caramel
Hummus with carrots and rice crackers
Amy's Mexican Casserole
Lots of water
a Pickle
 Amy's bean and cheese burrito
a tomato with salt and pepper

Not too shabby, I usually have coffee as well but my monday was too busy for that this morning!

So there you go.. Meat Free Mondays begin!
- Chelsea lou!

Going G-Free

After having a crazy 5 day long headache last weekend I decided that I needed to do something about it. It had to be what I was eating/not eating that triggered it and wouldn't let it leave. I've had headaches like that when I was in college but I hadn't had one in a LONG Time. I could feel it from the tip of my nose all the way through my shoulders and down to my back, I can feel it now as I am telling you about it. UGH... I was miserable, medicines wouldn't help and I slept all but 8 hours on Saturday (4 to eat thanksgiving lunch and family photos and then 4 to drive back to  and still woke up on Sunday with this nasty headache.

So, I went through my diet last weekend when I was home, and low and behold, almost every meal included some type of flour or wheat product. Knowing that I have a gluten intolerance I immediately knew what needed to be cut out/way down in my diet everyday. Even though the lack of caffeine starts the headaches, if I've had gluten that day it won't simply go away with taking in the caffeine.

Since Gluten is in like EVERYTHING premade I had to do some searching and try some new things. Luckily for me Kroger has a whole section full of foods that are gluten free as well as tags on the price tags that state if a food is gluten free... This is so helpful!

These little meals have been a lifesaver this weekend. They really are delicious and far exceeded my expectations. I've also eaten some gluten free organic yogurt with sugar free caramel sauce, Chicken, Tuna, Guacamole, Hummus, gluten-free rice crackers and lots of carrots for dipping and I don't feel unsatisfied which is a BIG DEAL for this big girl.. I love food.

And guess what.. after 4 days of gluten free eating I feel sooo much better. I have more energy, My fingers aren't swollen all the time and I've lost 5lbs with little effort. I haven't had a headache until today and that was because work started earlier than expected for me this morning so I didn't have time to fire up the keurig before heading out to get the bus.

I wont lie.. its been tough.. especially when student's would have Pizza delivered and it would sit outside my office window or when the waitress delivered those steaming buttered rolls to our table at Logan's. Also when I saw what the cafeteria was serving and I know how yummy that food was.. and it was free but I still had to say NO. but it defintitely has been worth it. 

Now the tough part is figuring out how to keep this up and how I'll do it every day. Like I said.. I LOVE FOOD... and I've just got to work on making the right choices when I am out. I've got to research my options and know what I'm getting before I get to the restaurant so when I see that other yummy thing on the menu it will be easier to say no.

Pray for me as I am on this journey. its gonna be a daily choice and hopefully it will get easier with a little practice. 

Thanks for reading!
Until Next Time!


This Cake....

Look at it. It doesn't look like much.. but it was Oh So Good!!

It is called "Impress His Family Chardonnay Cake" and I didn't have a family to impress but it definitely impressed my small group and a couple of dear friends who I dropped off some of the leftovers to! It even got two smiley faces for its rating!

 Now I'm gonna have to try it as a gluten free recipe now.. I'll let you know how it goes.. and maybe post a tutorial?!? We shall see when we can find some leftover wine somewhere again!

This means I have four recipes completed out of my cookbook challenge and I can say I'm glad I chose this book! Everything has been pretty delicious so far (except for that michelada) and its forcing me to try new flavors and cook with ingredients I have never thought about cooking with before! 

I can't wait to cook again!
I will keep you updated!!