Hey there Ladies and Gents!

Welcome to Chelsea-Lou to the Rescue!

I'm Chelsea and I have a fantastic life! Its not all rainbows and butterflies but It is pretty amazing! 

I grew up in two small towns in Mississippi and a bunch of churches. Graduated High School in 2006. Then headed to Jones County Junior College for 2 years where I was super involved in BSU and SGA and an Editor of the Yearbook. And then Off to Mississippi State for 3 years where I studied Art, Religion, Counseling and English and I have a TESOL certificate.

 After Graduation I moved back in with my parents... but the twist is ... They moved one summer while I was in college (and out of the country... but thats another story). There, in Slidell, LA I taught K3 for a year with some of the most amazing women/teachers I have ever met. and After that I moved back to to the golden triangle area to work in a public boarding high school as a rez-life staffer and now I just finished a discipleship training school with Youth With a Mission in Madison, WI.

Who knows whats next? Not this girl, but thats fine by me! I'm excited that this season is one where I am learning to live in the moment, every moment and just have some fun!

 I started this blog while I was in college to keep my mom and friends and loved ones up to date on where I was and what I was doing throughout my college career/summer missions experiences. That's still  a part of this blog, but I have so much more to share these days. I hope to encourage others with my words and show the world that I'm not perfect, I struggle and I am open and its ok to be truthful about it. I know that I am loved and "Too blessed to be stressed" !

A few little details about me:

I have a shoe habit... and I'm not worried about it.

I love the beach... Any beach.

 I love babies.. I have a few faves but they are all pretty great!

I love to Travel. Like really... I've been a traveler since the womb. It doesn't matter where I'm going I just love to go!By water, air , car or foot.. I just love to go. These days I spend a lot of my free time in the driver's seat and I don't mind that... I get to sing to the top of my lungs and get to have some pretty amazing conversations with God on the road.

I also love to COOK. You can see that by reading most of my blog posts... they include some kind of recipe or photo of what I have created in the kitchen. I've found a new love in cooking through cookbooks and although I'm only on my first one right now, but I have already picked out the second one and I have a whole box of other cookbooks I've accumulated to start looking through!

I don't love to read... I know.. It really is too bad... I want to love to read but I just find it hard to sit still that long when I could be creating something.

Lastly, I do love the Lord and am so thankful for all he has done for me and in me.. I've been walking with him since I was seven and have been given some amazzzzzzing opportunities because of his perfect provision.

If you have any questions about me feel free to email me at cburks420@gmail.com.

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  1. Nice to meet you, Chelsea!

    It must be the name, but I love the Lord, the beach, travelling, babies and cooking too!! :)

    Chelsea 2