Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day One... A Success!

Like the title says, day one of my getting back on track was a success! I usually do really great on day one so its not that big of a deal but its ok to celebrate the little things!

I will be posting later this week on my specific goals and plans to reach them so get excited!

One important part of this journey that I want to share with you today is that I have to give this to God, every time, all the time. While still laying in the bed this morning I committed this day and my eating habits today to Him. I can't do this without Him, and I know that!

Back in 2010 when we got serious about losing weight for all the weddings in our apartment it was all Him (My weight  dropped 30 lbs in 2 months). We started off the South Beach program with a fast and each time we felt hungry, we reminded ourselves and each other that "My God is greater than my Hunger." This is a statement that I will need to repeat over and over to myself through this journey. I'll probably paint it on something and put it near my microwave/fridge in the dorm just to remind myself when I'm being tempted!

Until Next Time!

Pray for me today. I've got to take my permit test for driving a school bus and I'm not as prepared as my dad says I should be so I'm nervous. Thanks!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Time to Get Back on Track

So I've kind of been off track with a lot of things lately but sometimes a break isn't a bad thing. It's time now though to get back on track with those things and one of them is blogging, another is my weight loss, and yet another is getting serious on preparation for my future ministry.

God has provided me with an amazing and crazy year to get my mind in the right place and priorities in order and now its time to make those theoretical priorities my actual priorities. I wrote a blog post back in March of 2011 that I have recalled often recently. You can read it here but its pretty much a realization that I needed to get it together back then.. and I did for a while, but I lost sight of my goals as life has happened (and believe me its been a roller coaster of a year). So Now its time for me to get those goals back in my sights and not stop until I reach them. 

This is going to be an adventure and I love adventures! Some of you know that I am starting a new job next Monday, working for the student activities department at Mississippi School for Math and Science and I am so excited and I am thinking that starting this new job in this new place is going to give me the opportunity to start some new habits.

Pray for me as I start this journey. It's not gonna me easy but its gonna be worth it.. and I'm gonna try to keep you updated as much as possible. If you think its time for me to update you ... TELL ME!! 

Until Next Time!
Chelsea- Lou