Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Scenic Route

So my great friend and neighbor were talking the other night and I realized something that I never had before. We were talking about a possible supper swap vacation and the locations we would like to go. And of course the Great Smoky Mountains came up. I was talking about how beautiful it was and how amazing the drives are and all the back roads I learned about when I lived there and worked for Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries. I told her "I love taking the scenic route!"

Then it hit me....

God knows I love taking the scenic route.
He knows my heart and desires and he will provide all those thing to me. He knows that I would hate to look back when all those dreams come true and see a safe and boring life. So He's taking on me on the scenic route to get there.

How Awesome?!

And me... i've been like a whiny 3 year old, begging just to get there already, not realizing all the cool things I get to be a part of along the way.... I keep forgetting I love the scenic route.

Ugh... I am soo silly.

So, now that I have realized what is going on, that I'm walking the scenic route with JESUS, I am determined to enjoy it and take it all in. The scenic route can be scary and lonely at times but thats ok... it adds to the richness of the adventure. I'm excited, you guys just don't even know.

I know I'm a little nuts!
love y'all,