Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Something that has been on my mind...

So as I am now part of the church choir and as the daughter of a fantastic and very prepared music minister I have already been listening to the CD for the Christmas Cantata and it got me thinking about something....

I have always felt an intense connection with Mary the mother of Jesus. Not in a catholic "Ave Maria" sort of way but our characters are the same... or I want them to be. I want to live my life as she did. Obeying and loving God to the point of total obedience in something that would end her life as she knew it. I want to live in a way that, if God were looking for a young woman to carry the hope of the world in 2011 he would have me as an option.
I'm just imagining how scared she must have been but also there is another feeling that totally eclipses that fear. How thankful and blessed to be chosen to carry and rear the ONE who would take the sins of the world away. How proud she was of her son who hadn't even been born yet.

Wow. My eyes tear up and my nose gets all runny just thinking about it.

This lead me to another question:

Does everyone have a bible figure they relate with as intensely as I?

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Love Y'all,
Chelsea Lou