Saturday, June 29, 2013

little reminders

Have you ever gotten a weird confirmation from out of no where that the adventure you are about to embark on is exactly what you're supposed to be doing?

Well those happened this week.

As I was a little worried about living in a dorm with people again and my funding coming in and all the little worries that eat away at you when preparing for a trip like this, my dad suggested I contact these church planters on the prayer card on my mom's vanity. I said ok?. and then he proceeded to tell me that they were based in Madison, WI... The same town my DTS is in. 

What a small world!?

I found their website on the card and contacted them, the pastor emailed me back within a couple of hours and I'm so excited that I'll be able to spend my sundays with them. Its a cool little church plant that ministers to college age students. My mom has been praying for this couple for at least 6 months and I've seen their faces countless times and now as I am preparing for this next step they are a connection to home right there in the city.

Talk about God reassuring me that I'm taking the right direction and reminding me to put all my trust in Him and He will make a way. I love it when God gives us these little reassurances before we even lay down our pride to ask for them.

-Chelsea Lou

You can check out their website at 

Monday, June 24, 2013

YWAM Details

So its been quite a crazy couple of weeks in my world!

but as I sit here waiting on my Bulldogs to play in the College World series I thought I'd take the chance to share with you guys what my plans are for this fall. (I'll sprinkle it with a few of my photos from trips I've taken in the past just for fun!)
Sweet Girl in Bangladesh
As many of you have heard (or read) I have been accepted into the Children At Risk DTS at YWAM Madison, Wisconsin. If you aren't familiar with YWAM... they love acronyms.. haha... I'll start backwards to give you a better idea of what it is. 

YWAM stands for Youth With A Mission. YWAM is a HUGE World Wide missions organization that specializes in training and preparing young people to spread the love of God through out the world. The answer to the question I get most often when sharing is "No, its not southern baptist." Its usually followed by a gasp and widening of the eyes but don't worry guys... I've done my homework. You can check out their statement of faith and more about who they are here.

House Visit in Bangladesh
Next is DTS... This stands for Discipleship Training School. This is their basic program where anyone wishing to be part of YWAM starts out. Its a 6 month program where we will spend around 3 months in classes learning more about ourselves, God and his heart for the nations as well as learning about the needs of our target people group and how to meet those needs. There is also a huge emphasis on intercession for the nations and we will be spending a lot of time in prayer. 
Then after the "Lecture Phase" we will have a short break for christmas then come back and prepare to go overseas to live out and practice all that we learned in the classroom.  For this DTS we will be deciding where we will be going after we arrive at lecture phase. The first week our options will be given to us and then after prayer and seeking God about it we will decide where we will be going in the "spring" (january&february) 

Infant in YWAM Orphanage Chittagong
And lastly, our emphasis for this school is Children at risk around the world. We "will focus on the needs of children around the world and the issues that put them at risk — sex trafficking, poverty, AIDS, abuse, child soldiers, and broken families. We will also focus on the heart of God who promises to be a “Father to the fatherless, who sets the lonely in families.” (Psalm 68:5,6)" - Direct from YWAM Madison Website << you can read more about this DTS there

So there you have it a little more detailed info on what I will be doing. I will be leaving in early september and the school lasts from Sept. 15-March 11. and I AM SOOO EXCITED!!! This is something I've been mulling over and praying about for YEARS and I'm so blessed to be given the opportunity at this point in my life. 

Bangladesh 2009
Now I've got to share my needs. As any good adventure it does cost money and I do have to raise it myself. I'm not worried one bit though. My God has always 
shown his perfect provision each time I've needed it! 

It will cost around $7,000 for the whole 6 months, plus travel expenses for getting there and back for the holidays. 

This $7000 includes school fees and room and board as well as all the travel costs for our outreach phase. I only have to have $3500 when we start in September and then the rest as we are preparing and buying tickets and things for our outreach. 

Local friends in Ghana
I've been saving for a trip like this and worked for a snowball business last summer to help start a savings account but I still have a ways to go. If you'd like more info on how you can help out feel free to email me at cburks420(at) or you can visit my GoFundME page and donate there!

Also If you'd like to keep updated through a newsletter VIA email or SnailMail email me your address and I'll be happy to send you things you can be in prayer for as well as other ways you can help! 

Mabel, The most cheerful child I've ever met!
Whew.. that was a mouth full but I thought it was time to share it. Please be in prayer for me over the next few months as I am preparing for this adventure, one step at a time. (I've got to get a new passport next. the Hurricane last fall ate mine1)

Tootle Loo!

P.S. This has been such a stressful game! No time to look away from the TV to check my Grammar!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

12 Skills

This morning as I lie here trying to go back to sleep before its time to get up and get ready for church my mind is being one of those spaghetti minds where one thing leads to a seemingly unrelated thing over and over again.

Somehow I ended up on the topic of things I must have picked up from teaching the Krazies last year that have been helpful in the past few months. So here is ....

12 skills I learned from teaching 12 3-year olds that are useful in everyday life: 

1) be adaptable in everything...Always have your flexible cap on and don't put too much pressure on others, we are all humans and that means we make mistakes. 

2) the quiet game is always an option... Even for adults... Sometimes (especially on long trips) you just need a break from the chatter... Everyone who can stay quiet for the next 5 minutes gets a treat!! 

3) I now have mad listening skills ... I can hear all of the conversations going on around me if I want to ... This is especially handy when playing the clothespin game at showers! It even won me a prize at the last one!

4) I have crazy control of my bladder... This is helpful in all types of situations.

5) I now have ninja-like reflexes ... Whether its to keep Nate from pouring his milk into the trash can (happened more often than you'd think) or keeping a groomsman from hitting the floor during communion it just kicks in and I don't even know what's happening until its over.

6) I can tell when anyone needs a snack to put some pep in their step or to stop them from being hangry and do my best to make it happen.

7) don't push a kid to play with the group if they aren't ready... They will come when they are... This goes for adults too.. I used to get upset if someone didn't join the group in doing something I thought they ought to.. But now I know that sometimes people aren't ready even if they look like they are.

8) if you can identify someone's love language you can shape your interactions in a positive way. You can recognize love languages pretty early on, Matty's was physical touch (that's why he couldn't stay in line, when he saw a teacher that 'needed' a hug he had to give it to her ) and Nate's was quality time (that's why he didn't take naps so it could be 'our time' together) and Andy's was acts of service (most of the time he was a hoodlum but if you gave him a job he would do it to the best of his ability and look to you to see your approval) once you see and recognize these traits you can adapt and find ways to reach out for that extra high five or ask for their help even if you don't need it.

9) Put a positive spin on everything! It makes for a lot less tears and makes life so much more joyful! 

10) if your positive spin doesn't work, music is a great tool to turn the mood around! They work even better together!
11) I was a pretty good artist before but now I can do ANYTHING with a packof construction paper, a glue stick, and a box of crayons!

Last but not least ...

12) counting down from 5 will get a whole group of people to pay attention to you in less than 5 seconds... In children's church they heard you say get in a circle but keep running around? Just count to five and they'll hop to it. They use this technique for fuge camps every summer. It brings the chatter to a minimum in anticipation for what's coming next!

So there you have it! 12 things the Krazies taught me while I was teaching them their letters and how to write their name. Sweet babies! I'm so thankful for my time with them!

It's crazy how much a short school year can change your life forever!!
Happy Sunday!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Thoughts on Moving..

Whew!! I'm exhausted!

Laying here in my recently cleaned off bed making a mental checklist of what needs to be done when I rise and listening to some Enter The Worship Circle music to chillax a bit I realized that I feel like I'm about to fall apart ... Every muscle below my shoulder blades is tingling with thankfulness that its bed time!

I decided I'd share with you some of the thoughts I had on this first day of moving.

...It sure is easier when mom is here! 
... Who knew I had so many pairs of fingernail clippers!?
... I'm finally going to be able to rebuild my stash of bobby pins back up!
... I'm not ready ... I haven't been to a single place I wanted to go while I lived here! 
...I have so much stuff!
... I love my pretty dresses.. Wish I had an occasion to wear some of them!
... I remember when I could wear those shorts... That was 3 years and 30 lbs ago
... No really ... You could just lose 30 lbs you'd have a whole new wardrobe
... Who can I give this furniture to?
.... I don't want another hurricane to eat my stuff again!! 
... I need a good pup like Bruiser in my future life!!

... I can't believe You paid so much money for these beautiful shoes that sit on the shelf... You need to sell them self
... You really need to lose those 30 lbs by September... Like really... 
... Look at all these purses! 
... Your book collection is getting out of hand especially since you've read less than 20 pages in the majority of them
... Why oh why! did the couch have to go in first!?!

So there you have it... My thoughts on moving day 1! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

An interesting 2 Weeks!

So they aren't THAT interesting... but busy...

Weird mostly because they have been so great and so not so great at the same time. 

I mean a surprise party for a college friend and a week at the beach and on the water followed by an AMAAAZZZZING wedding of the prettiest little bride around were amazing.... High points of the year! 

Such a pretty bride!!
But then there was the falling off the wagon post... remember that... well... I haven't gotten back up on that wagon just yet... I keep looking at it out of the corner of my eye but I just haven't climbed up there yet. 

and they are also weird because I have to move out of the dorm this week... not that I'm sad to be leaving this place but the fact that I don't have a definite destination for me or my stuff kinda stresses me out. Its like I'm homeless... but not.. I have 4 beds throughout the state that are "Mine" but the homes aren't mine and my stuff will be in boxes for another year and thats sad.. 

I just wanted to give you an update of where I've been the last two weeks.

Until Next time!