Friday, June 7, 2013

Thoughts on Moving..

Whew!! I'm exhausted!

Laying here in my recently cleaned off bed making a mental checklist of what needs to be done when I rise and listening to some Enter The Worship Circle music to chillax a bit I realized that I feel like I'm about to fall apart ... Every muscle below my shoulder blades is tingling with thankfulness that its bed time!

I decided I'd share with you some of the thoughts I had on this first day of moving.

...It sure is easier when mom is here! 
... Who knew I had so many pairs of fingernail clippers!?
... I'm finally going to be able to rebuild my stash of bobby pins back up!
... I'm not ready ... I haven't been to a single place I wanted to go while I lived here! 
...I have so much stuff!
... I love my pretty dresses.. Wish I had an occasion to wear some of them!
... I remember when I could wear those shorts... That was 3 years and 30 lbs ago
... No really ... You could just lose 30 lbs you'd have a whole new wardrobe
... Who can I give this furniture to?
.... I don't want another hurricane to eat my stuff again!! 
... I need a good pup like Bruiser in my future life!!

... I can't believe You paid so much money for these beautiful shoes that sit on the shelf... You need to sell them self
... You really need to lose those 30 lbs by September... Like really... 
... Look at all these purses! 
... Your book collection is getting out of hand especially since you've read less than 20 pages in the majority of them
... Why oh why! did the couch have to go in first!?!

So there you have it... My thoughts on moving day 1! 

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