Sunday, March 13, 2011


Ok... so its really got to happen this time.

A couple of my friends and I are really going to hit it hard this time for real. We did such a great job at getting thin 2 years ago when we were all living together but since then ... well... their husbands have ruined our diet! Skinny boys don't mix well with diet food... and we don't mix well with unhappy men.


We are going to hit it hard beginning the morning. Its gonna happen for real this time. We have each got our own goals and needs for why this needs to happen so its going to. We are going to do this together.

I've got to conquer this weight thing. Not only for me but for so many others, most importantly my husband and children. I don't know them yet but I know that this version of me is not the best one I can give them. I need to be the fit woman I want to be when they get here before they get here not try to get there later. I want to be the best me, able to be active and not be worn out or in pain because of a little bit of strenuous activity.

I think this spring break is going to be a great turn around for me. I'm ready for something new. I'm ready to see what is coming next and I need to be preparing myself for that.

That reminds me of a special time that occurred this christmas break while I was in Ghana. A few minutes before we were to leave the orphanage for the last time I walked over to the courtyard and spoke with the house mothers and other workers that were holding the infants there. When I walked up one of the male teachers said to me "You're here to see the baby?!" I said "Yes! How did you know?" and laughed. He replied, "Because you are his mother." as the house mom handed beautiful King Robert over to me. I just smiled at him, not knowing if he knew how much I took those words to heart. After only a few short minutes of holding that baby and just loving on him as much as I could I saw the rest of the team heading for the bus, so I handed him back over, wishing with everything within me that I could just take him home with me but I couldn't.On that 45 second walk to the bus God revealed something to me, that no matter how much love and passion I had for that little one, I was in no way ready to take him home that day. Even if everything just supernaturally worked out on the African side of things no way was my life ready for a baby. Babies need things, food, clothes, diapers, insurance, etc., etc., etc. Lots of things and I didn't even have a part time job at that point. I'd really been enjoying the fact that I was a student and didn't have to have a job because God had provided me with parents that provided for me. But no way was my life ready for this child. He showed me that now is the time to really begin that preparation for the day when my husband and I head back to Rafiki and bring King Robert back with us to the US. It was time to begin to steward the funds that God was providing for me in a way that was future-minded, not in a worried about the future way but rather in a God is partially providing for then with the overflow of blessings now kind of way.

I need to be about this daily. I need to be reminded of this moment regularly. And tomorrow I'm gonna hit it hard for my babies. I'm gonna hit it hard for my hubby. I'm gonna hit it hard for myself. Most importantly, I'm gonna hit it hard because God wants me to. Preparation starts now.