Monday, February 11, 2013

Meatless Monday: week 1

So as I was scrolling through pinterest I came across this post labeled "Bob's skinny rules" After reading them all of them seemed so doable. a couple include: No Carbs after Lunch, Don't Drink Your Calories, Go to Bed Hungry and several others. 

The one that came to my mind often this weekend of Going Gluten free was to Plan to Make one day Meat Free. I started thinking about it.. and it really is a good idea. Not from a "Protect the Animals" point of view but from the "Eat your Veggies" point of view. 

I mean, think about it. If you can't eat meat , and like me you cant have most breads or pastas, what else is left to eat? Fruits and veggies!! So I'm gonna try it. I know that I can't commit to more than just one day because I really enjoy eating meat.

I've decided for me the best day to do it is Monday. I have to work every Monday, and there are very few times where something comes up and I don't have control of where and what i'm eating. As long as I plan before and have the right foods in the fridge I am confident that it will go well. 

I am hopeful.. I don't know how much it will effect my health but, I know that it will help train myself to make choices that are positive and to abstain from over eating. 

Today I had:
a vanilla yogurt with caramel
Hummus with carrots and rice crackers
Amy's Mexican Casserole
Lots of water
a Pickle
 Amy's bean and cheese burrito
a tomato with salt and pepper

Not too shabby, I usually have coffee as well but my monday was too busy for that this morning!

So there you go.. Meat Free Mondays begin!
- Chelsea lou!

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