Thursday, July 8, 2010

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will flow with peace.

This quote by Jimi Hendrix caught my eye in the church on sunday at the tie dye service for forest fair. While we were sitting in the service listening to pastor Jim give his sermon this came to my mind....
All of the amazing quotes about changing the world with love are true... all the things that the young people during the 60's were searching for really could have changed the world.
They were searching for love ... but they were misled and thought love meant sex and good feelings that you get from other people.
But WE know that GOD is the only source of lasting true love and that feelings fade and people hurt each other... even with the best of intentions because we are human.
The thing that is sad and amazing at the same time is that those people who were searching for love over 40 years ago are still searching for it. They are still looking for love in the things that are not God.
The young people today are continuing to look for the love that their parents and grandparents never found. And the thing is that they are looking in the same places.... sex, money, drugs, and feelings. They are in need of someone to introduce them to the only source of love...
GOD IS LOVE (1john 4:8)

Pray for those who were made to introduce their peers to the ONE who created love.

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