Sunday, July 25, 2010

restroom evangelism

So on my way home from a baby sitting job last night i stopped at a very well lit 24 hour gas station to fill up and get a red bull for the drive back, and when i got to the restroom (because everyone knows you should always try!) i met a lady. She was missing a few teeth and had dirty white tennis shoes on... i met her because she hadn't closed the door to her stall and i had to pass her to get to mine.

She then began to tell me about herself. She'd been in prison for a while and didn't even realize she forgot to shut the door until i said excuse me. She was tile layer... did walls, floors, and bathtubs, and she was amazing at what she did. She was the only woman on a work team of about 8 or so that was traveling from west texas to pensacola, FL (where she was from)and she needed a beer because she had "had enough of their sh*t". I talked back and forth with her for a while (mostly listening) thinking, "What do i say to this woman who has told me her whole life story while we are in this dirty bathroom?" So i did as a good southern lady would do and commented on her skills as something worth alot and how i knew road trips are rough especially if your the only female.
After I washed my hands and dried them and told her i had to get back on the road... She then did something that i was shocked by... She apologized for talking to me. I was taken aback but told her not to worry, she wasn't bothering me and i hoped the night got better for her.

As I got back into my nice freshly detailed Hyundai and drove off, I realized how much she needed love and how much she needed God and how ill prepared i was to give either of those to her in the 5 minutes we were together. I realized that those 5 minutes were all that i had and i will never have another chance to see her again... to give her the attention and love that she so desired.
I began to pray for her and after a few minutes God showed me a couple of other instances where i was in the right place at the right time.... or rather HE put me in the right place at the right time to hear people's stories... In wal-mart in anchorage or sitting on the sidewalk in New Orleans. I guess i have a face that screams "tell me your life story!!"... and its an AMAZING gift.

He then showed me that although I can get the stories easily... more like they fall in my lap... that when i get them i don't know what to do with them, I've trained myself so well in long term relationships that this amazing 5 minute opportunity didn't have a climax... it just stopped.

So now... 24 hours later i am asking myself... Why am I not prepared and now, how do i prepare myself? How do i show these people love in a way they have never felt before when i will never see them again?
This will be a long process and I've got a lot of learning to do ... but i can't wait to see the end result!

-Chelsea Lou!!


  1. Hey girl!!! Thanks for the follow and I of course had to follow yours too! I. LOVE. YOUR. BLOG!!! I especially (altho this is the 2nd one I've gotten to read so far and I'm sure I'll love the others!)...I LOVED THIS POST!!! I so needed to have heard this too. Everyday we are blessed with "encounters" and everyday I want Him to give me His heart and eyes so that I may be His hands and feet to this world who's hurting. Great post my dear! Oh, and please come see us soon!!! Love, Mal

  2. Found you via our cousin MalMal -- this post really touched my heart -- I think we all question the what to do in a five minute encounter.. I have actually turned around and went back with the hand of God leading me all the way -- it was like an unstoppable force -- we learn every day -- this was something I also needed to hear --- you are a blessing .... come see us .... love Kathey