Sunday, July 18, 2010

i know there is a plan... but what is it?

So Coming home early from Alaska early was a tough decision to make but after I gave it to God he gave me such perfect peace about it. Now after 3 days of complete rest and very little if any relief I'm getting restless... I want to do something... I want to see what this plan is that God has for me here because its beginning to get to me. Several other things have happened that keep adding stress and making it harder to just rest and get well.
I know he has a plan and I know that I have nothing without him. I just can't see it yet.... and i want to so badly... i want to be in his will so badly .... but right now... i can't clearly see what that is right now.

maybe it is to rest
maybe he is teaching me to totally an completely rely on him
there are so many maybes right now

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  1. I know its frustrating when we are just "waiting" on the Lord. Reminds me of that song on the movie Fireproof. I absolutely love that song. Even as a stay at home mom of 2 I still constantly think surely my calling in life goes beyond raising babies. But then, I may never realize the importance of it until I see what they become in life and know I had a part in it... But for now I have to take one day at a time and wait on answers from God. But it excites me to see someone so diligently seeking God and His will for their lives. I pray that God reveals what He has in store for you!