Friday, September 28, 2012


So.. I've been a bad South Beach Follower this week. 
Well really just Wednesday... I kinda threw it all out the window when I went to Jackson for a Dr.'s Appt. My family went to eat at Keifer's, this delicious greek place right off State Street, and I had their cottage fries and feta sauce with very little guilt. But the surprising thing was that I only had 2 slices.. in the past, I could have/would have eaten an entire order of those lovely things all on my own.. But I didn't!

 YAY for Change!!

Then I had a couple of cokes and (hiding my face) Taco Bell for dinner. That meal I am ashamed of. 

But the important thing is that yesterday morning I just got up and started back on track, because Wednesday was just another day and I'll have more of those days where indulging in those old foods will happen. This is a new attitude for me in my weight loss journey, and its a hard one to keep. I want to badly to say, "Oh well, I failed this week so I'll just eat whatever this weekend and start back on Monday." WRONG!!! I have to wake up EACH morning and choose to commit to this thing. "Tomorrow is a new day with no Mistakes in it yet" is what a poster that I have framed in my bathroom states. 
I have to remind myself and fight so that tomorrow will be a good day and even the next meal will be a good meal.

This afternoon I'll post a recipe I made yesterday for our Bible Study/ Grey's night.
 Low-Carb No-Bake Cheesecake!! Yum!!

Talk to you this afternoon!!

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