Friday, June 6, 2014

7 Ways to Bless your Favorite YWAMer!

As I have been volunteering here at YWAM Madison this summer the realities of what it means to live on support have been setting in. God is truly our provider and everything always seems to workout just in the nick of time making for some great stories and worship sessions. That being said, there are some luxuries that I have had to give up that I didn't even know were luxuries until diving into living as a full time missionary.

That is what this post is about.

Although we would love to have you on our team through monthly support, that just isn't always an option, and sometimes even if you are supporting monthly you just feel an urge to send a happy, and this is a list of 7 little luxuries that will bless the heart of any YWAMer.

 ** This is not me asking for any of these things, just thing's I've observed this past month or so, although if you feel led to send them my way.. I won't stop you**

1.) A Meal Out
Whether by gift card or a dinner date with yourself, this is a treat to us. I have always been able eat out at least 3 times a week, many times more, thats just how our family worked. Since living on a TIGHT budget I've had maybe 3 meals out in the last month, and only 1 was not fast food. So if you're looking for a way to bless your missionary give them a reason to dress up and enjoy themselves without worrying about how they are going to be able to afford this and pay rent.

 and if you want to make them cry them a steak
... i'm tearing up just thinking about it!

A gift card or just showing up with their favorite Latte in hand is such a blessing! One thing I've learned about YWAMers is that they LOVE Coffee... and everyone loves a latte or specialty drink now and then but $5 is a lot of money to spend when a $1.58 bold coffee with room will get the job done. You can take this a step further and find out their favorite local coffee shop and get them a gift card from there.

3.) Date Night
If you really want to bless a couple around their anniversary or another holiday, pay for a date night, even if you just send a check to cover childcare or volunteer yourself this really brings a smile to any couple's face. 

4.) Special Event Tickets
 Whether its Sporting events, a concert, movie or theater tickets these are a luxury when your budget is tight. Get to know your YWAMer a little better by taking them with you or if you are too far away find out when their favorite band is in their area and surprise them with tickets!

5.) Shopping Spree!!
New Clothes?! What?! Although thrift stores are amazing and the ones here are great sometimes its nice to just put on something new that no one has ever worn before. Also when youre not eating out its much easier to shed a few lbs without even realizing it... that is until you can't wear your jeans without a belt! Discover your missionary's favorite store to shop at and get them a gift card, it doesn't take much especially at stores like Old Navy or Target that have crazy sales, or ask them what new article of clothing it is that they really need if you know them well enough, it may be snow boots, a new suit or a dress for a wedding that is coming up (we have those all the time in YWAM) .

6.) Gas card
So some YWAMers don't have a vehicle but most do, and even if they don't have a car they typically need a ride to the grocery store or a ministry site, this is where gas is a necessary part of life for the North American Missionary. Gas prices are creeping higher and higher and ministry or relationship should never have to suffer because there is no gas.

7.) Blessing Money
So this one is kind of a fun one... one thing I've learned about missionaries is that they are VERY generous people, why would you not be when you know that your Father is King of Everything and will provide your every need even if you have to go without a luxury here or there.
Having an extra stash of cash that is ready to be given away if a need arises in the community or God places it on your heart is a huge blessing.
Another way this could work is if you are doing any of the above and feel like you want it to extend  further than just your missionary buy two gift cards, or tickets with instructions for you missionary to bless another with it. You will be such an encouragement!

So there you have it... it was kind of a long post but its been brewing in my mind for quite a while. If you would like to do any of these things but don't know a missionary to send it to.. let me know.. I've got lots of friends here and could easily find a missionary that would really, really appreciate your gift.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

June Update!

I've been meaning to write another post all week and just haven't but here is my monthly Mailchimp update. 

I promise I'll have another post this weekend. Its been kinda crazy around here with moving and cleaning but hopefully I'll become more faithful to y'all this summer! 

Love ya!