Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I fell off the Wagon

When I say I fell of the wagon, I don't mean I just slipped off and landed on my feet.... I mean while I was twirling around in excitement from my success I lost my footing and did a faceplant in the horse poo and the mud... or rather a pizza and mac and cheese.

I started to tell you the whole story but as I was typing it, it all just sounded like a bunch of excuses. Any thing I could say other than I ate a whole pizza and taco bell in one day and didn't exercise or take my Advocare Vitamins would be an excuse. And I am so ashamed.

I am a compulsive overeater and stress plus the smell of pizzas equals disaster for me... every time... and if anyone has ever lived in a dorm during exam week knows that you can escape either of those things.

But I want to you know that it was not a split second decision to order a pizza  or go pick up taco bell. I struggled with the compulsion to do it for literally days before I gave in. Which in turn increased my stress level. I couldn't focus on anything else... like really, I couldn't remember kids names or the date or anything.

So I gave in.

and I regret it. and I'm finding it hard to get back on the wagon... today I just sat in the mud and looked at the wagon and complained about my swollen ankles and Tried to come up with some plan where this will never happen again...

But... The thing is...

It will happen again. I've just got to figure out how to cut my recovery time  considerably. Its like show choir or Guard auditions... they aren't judging you completely on how perfectly you can perform the given routine.... they need to see how quickly you can recover if something unusual happens, because one day it will.

So what do I want you to take away from this?
1. We ALL fail... and sometimes we wallow in our failures.
2. Tomorrow is a new day with no Mistakes in it yet.
3. Its ok if tomorrow has a mistake... just do what you can to make it better than today. 

So yes I fell off the wagon... but in the morning I'm setting my alarm, eating breakfast, dusting myself off and hopping back up on that wagon.

Thanks for reading today.
Hopefully the next post will be more upbeat!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

24 Day Challenge: HALF WAY UPDATE

I Made It Half Way!

This is further than I got last time. 

Before, I had already gotten frustrated with the pills and and my lack of ability to adhere to the program. I felt really defeated, but today.. as I'm rounding out day 12 I feel really good. 

Even if the scale isn't moving like I'd like it to, I can see the positivity in my face and I can feel the progress when I wear a t-shirt and the sleeves hang lower than normal and I can definitely tell a difference in my stamina as I work out.

I can see and feel a difference in my hands and wrists when using hand sanitizer or putting on bracelets.

I know why the scale isn't moving like I want it to. Its because I am not following the nutrition plan as it states. If I stuck with exactly what It said I'd be dropping the weight like crazy ... but I love cheese (I don't eat it every meal, but its so dang good) and I love ice cream. So I've made the decision to be ok with the rate at which I'm reaching my goal because I'm not avoiding them completely and at the same time reminding myself that those things are treats and not necessary for life.
I also have to keep reminding myself that losing the poundage for good means I need to do it slowly and work for it. If it just fell off without much work then I'd return to old habits quickly and put it right back on.

 So there you have it. A Half Way update. Here are some stats for you.

12 days of 24 day challenge
4 lbs gone
8 of 50 days working out
Wk 2/Day 1 of running plan complete

Until Next Time!

I am an Advocare Distributor and I'd love to answer any questions you may have or you can visit my Distributor Page to order products yourself.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Finale Night!

Last night was the season finale of Grey's as well as the SERIES Finale of THE OFFICE. 

Talk about emotional... I ate too much of my Celebrity Apprentice Ice cream and realized I watch too much tv. I also barely breathed during the Whole episode of Greys.

On another note:

I made a fantastic dinner. Everything was really good.. that rarely happens... theres always something that could use some tweaking but not this one. Sorry I don't have the page numbers.. I forgot my book at BB's house. 

Until Next time!
Chelsea Lou!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

TP Rolls and Rainbows

We all know the story of Noah's Flood found in Genesis 6-9. At the end of this very important story of God's might as well as his grace, God gave Noah a symbol to remind his people of his promise to never flood the earth again. That symbol was a rainbow.

google images
I have a rainbow of my own that just developed over the past month or so. Its the Toilet Paper Roll. I know what you're thinking.. "She's lost it!" but I haven't.

You see, back in April, the Baking Bride and I had children's church and we were going to make "Telescopes" to go along with our High Seas Adventure Theme. But  I forgot to get an email out to parents to get some help finding tp rolls. So i just prayed that God would help me find enough rolls for the children that might show up that day.
And He did.
google images
It was like every time I went into a restroom that week there was an empty roll on the holder. There was even one in the otherwise empty trash can in my room at BB's house, and I even finished up my roll of paper towels that week without trying. I, of course, lysoled them all really well before we made our telescopes but I was just amazed at God's provision, and we even had more than we needed that day.

Now Everytime I see an empty toilet paper roll (This is still happening 2 or 3 times a week everywhere I go) I'm reminded of God's provision for my life's endeavors. If He's called me to it, He will provide the resources I need to complete it.

This is a big deal in my life right now, My upcoming DTS with YWAM is going to need ALOT of resources, like $7000 in resources plus airfare for coming home for christmas. But God is Continually reminding me that he's got this. If He can provide 20 tp rolls in a week then he can provide anything else I might need exactly when I need it.

So there you go. If you have time today pick up your Bible or use you bible app to read what Paul has to say about God's provision in Philippians chapter 4.

Thanks for reading today!
-Chelsea Lou

What is your reminder of God's promises to you/us? 
Comment below with your answer!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

24 Day challenge: week 1 update

 First.. This is my 100th Post! Aahh! I couldn't believe it. As a little happy to commemorate this post I want to do a give away. Since I'm saving up for my YWAM adventure it'll have to be handmade by me. So the first person to text me " 100 Posts!!! " will get a painting with a quote of your choice on it! I'm sorry if you don't have my number.... but this way I know I'll be able to hand deliver it rather than having to mail it (like I said broke)... Next give-away will be open to a broader crowd!

You can even have this one!

Ready, Set, Go!

Now on to the update!

This Challenge has gone much better than my last. Probably because it was paid for with my hard earned money and I'm just in a better place in my mental and spiritual  and all around life to be able to commit to a program like Advocare. I'm already down 3 lbs.

The Spark energy drink mix is really helping with my desire to be sedentary. Its like watching tv and scrolling through pinterest are less important so I need to find something else to do. Which is great for my goal of exercising  every day. I've found that I only need one Spark a day, even though the challenge says you can have 2 a day. I can't get to sleep at night if I have two. You've also seen the effects of Spark on this Blog! There's been some changes here in the past week and its from the mental energy Spark provides.

All in all I'm feeling much better in general. I don't feel like sleeping until 10 like I used to (I don't get off duty until 12:30 so its not like I'm sleeping an extreme amount of time.) but I did feel like I was sleeping the day away. Most days I have been up before my alarm clock by an hour and unable to go back to sleep because my body was ready to get started. 3 of the days I've gotten up and been finished with my work out before my alarm clock went off.  I like that!

A Couple of other neat tricks:

My Blender cup and A Quart Mason Jar are my best friends:
The blender cup makes sure the Spark and Fiber Drinks get blended well.
The large mason jar helps me measure my water intake. Each one is 32 oz. and I just need to drink 4 of them a day to be right on track with my water consumption. I keep 2 in the fridge so They are ready to go. I've found that If the water isn't sitting out next to me I will forget to drink it.

I put my blender cup with the right amount of water or juice into the freezer about 30-45 minutes before I need to blend my spark or fiber drink and it helps make it super cold and kinda slushy, which helps immensely when it comes to drinking the fiber drink.

My Advocare distributor Amy suggested mixing the fiber drink with Orange Juice. GREAT IDEA!! This makes it much easier to tolerate. Its just like drinking very pulpy orange juice (which I love) rather than orange flavored mud... haha.. its not that bad.. but I have a texture thing when it comes to food.

So there you go. An update on my 24 Day challenge.
I am an Advocare Distributor and I'd love to answer any questions you may have. or you can visit my Distributor Page to order products yourself.

Thanks for reading! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

25th Birthday: a 30 before 30 update

My 25th birthday came and went a few weeks ago and it was a really great, low key birthday. 

You may not know this about me but I'm not really a fan of being the center of attention when I'm not in charge, so I'm glad that this birthday was low key because it was a big one. The quarter life crisis took its toll but I've come out of it a better person with a positive outlook on where I'm going rather than the negative outlook on what HASN'T happened in my plan life yet.

But I did get 2 birthday cakes and had cake at the lingerie shower Friday night. I was so blessed from my friends and family and had something like 6 meals gifted to me and a cute pair of earrings from Francesca's from my fabulous friend Jennie! (Shes the one who made the burlap ornaments for Nightgown party) 

Bruiser was creeping in the photo to the left. You see him?!?  He's the sweetest English Bulldog I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.... and that says alot since I did go to College at MSU where our mascot is a Bulldog. He's owned by Shane, my sister's boyfriend.. and she must like him a LOT because she lets this pup get on her bed. So not the old Ka-Ka!!

Bruiser, Valtentines 2013
I got to spend my birthday weekend in my favorite city (NOLA) eating some fantastic food with some fantastic Ladies! Here is a photo of us all (Sans 1 Matron of Honor who's behind the camera) at the Audubon Zoo. 
Photo Courtesy of Molly Reid of Reid Photography, Jackson, MS.

 I thought I'd give y'all an update on my 30 before 30 goals. I'll just go down the list and give any news if applicable:

1) Cook through a Cook Book:
      I started this in January and have really enjoyed it so far! The book I chose to cook through was Glamour's "100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know". I have cooked the following recipes from the book and will make another 1 or 2 this week!
Instant Seduction Porkchops
I'll Take Care of you Mashed Potatoes
Make New Friends Plum Cobbler
Single Digit Grocery Bill Stew
Impress His Family Chardonnay Cake
Forget the Mistake you Made at Work Margarita
Thanks for Helping me Move Michelada
Bikini Season Baked Salmon
Gingery Green Beans
Easy Peasy Risi e Bisi
Just Kiss me Garlic Bread
Italian Chicken
We Still Miss the Sopranos Spaghetti and Meatballs
Secretly Good for You Banana soft serve
Wake Up and Make Up Sausage Biscuits

Skip a few..

22) Compete in an Adventure Run:
    We haven't offically signed up but the Bestie and I are looking at the Diva Dash in Chicago in August. So excited! I even printed out a training guide and have started a running program to prepare!

Skip # 23...

24) Get a Tattoo!:
    I am excited about this one... a friend (not sure if she wants it publicized who she is) wanted to gift me something from my 30 before 30 list for my 25th Birthday and this is the one she picked! EEK!!! So excited and blessed and can't wait to get to do the planning needed when making such a permanent decision with her!! Thank you again friend!!

25) Give up Soda for an entire year:
    I'm on day 211 of 365!!! and it has not been easy. The every day getting water or half and half tea is easy. It's the stressful days when its killer. Coke was my #1 way to relieve stress and every now and then when its been a stressful day or there is just stress in the air I NEED a coke. but I haven't had one since October 15th. The only exception to this goal has been the ginger ale or sprite in punches and 1 cup of ginger ale after an Upper Endoscopy for my tummy troubles. But that is it as far as sodas go... and we have a beautiful soda fountain at the church, that I haven't had the pleasure of trying yet!!

Skip a few more...

29) Exercise for 50 consecutive days:
     I have started this one like 8 times and failed on day 2. every. time. ... haha... But today was day 3 of 50! and tomorrow is day 3 of my new running program. I will stick with it... I will... if not.. I have 4.9 years left to try again!! No worries until march of 2018, then we'll need to get worried!

and 30) Own a Pair of Louboutins:
     I don't have a pair yet.. but I did get myself a quart mason jar and am saving all my pennies and dimes to put toward this goal! That is a LOT of pennies and Dimes I'm gonna need!!

So there you go. Its not a "Quick" update but its nice to put  my progress on paper. 
Thanks for reading! (and if anyone knows Tim tell him to facebook me! ;) )
-Chelsea Lou!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Trying this running thing... again and a Happy Mother's Day!

What a beautiful Mother's day here in the Golden Triangle. A Cloudless sky with a nice cool breeze! It doesn't really get better than that! (unless of course you're at the beach... the beach is always better)

I am so super thankful for my great mommy! and her mommy and all of my aunts and cousins and friends who are mommies! I've learned  so much from watching and interacting with you and your little ones! 

May God bless the socks off of each and everyone of you today!

Now on to the running.....

I decided I'd really like to try running again... and it was never an issue of hating to run but always an issue of going a little too far, a little too fast and injuring my back.

I've started the Couch to 5K program several times.. I get to about week two and then ~*!BAM!*~ my back goes into spasms and I'm totally out of commission for anything except laying on the floor with my legs resting on the couch...

You see, I have a couple of vertebrae in my back with compression fractures from a boating accident in Destin, FL back in 2004. I still get anxious when we drive over that big bridge into Destin. So now I'll have back problems for the rest of my life thanks to some jerks in a BIG boat that don't know what IDLE: NO WAKE ZONE means.

Sorry... I'm usually not ugly like that but its really changed the way I have to live my life and I've missed out on a LOT of opportunities and big events because of back problems and it makes me sad because it was totally preventable, if only the rules would have been followed. I still love being on the water and boating but it did take me a long time to be comfortable riding in my dad's boat again. That's why I usually volunteer to take one of the Jet Skis when we're heading to a sandbar or something.

MoW and me in Destin July 2012 
My sweet cousin and My pretty sister

With that being said... I'm trying out a new method of training myself to run. I found a post on Runs For Cookies, a blog by Katie who changed her life through running and lost 125 lbs. Its a plan that is for people who HATE running so it starts you off nice and slow... a 30 second run and a 29 min 30 sec walk at your own pace, bumping it up by only a little bit every other day.

Sounds doable right? Right!!

I've completed days 1 and 2 and feel great! I'm also on day 6 of my Advocare 24 day Challenge and I'm feeling good. I'll post an update on that come Tuesday after completing an entire week! I'm so excited summer is so close!! I'm definitely going to take in as much of the sun and sand and salt water as possible as I'll get to experience a Wisconsin winter this year!

Until Next time!
Chelsea Lou!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Porkchops and Plums

As I continue my adventure to cook through my copy of Glamour's 100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know I am going to try to do a better job at documenting it for your pleasure. 

On Thursday night I cooked for the Baking Bride and her hubby. Usually we would all sit down together for a meal like this but there were lots of activities to be completed before the big graduation weekend here in Starkville so we all ate separately. 

Here are the instant seduction pork-chops from the cookbook. This recipe taught me to make a "Pan" out of two layers of tin foil and use it to broil your pork and it doesn't take long at all... and an even shorter clean up!

I served the pork with a savory cranberry sauce that I made up on the go. 
I was just really craving a savory fruit sauce and cranberries and apples go great with pork. This doesn't have apples in it but it would be a nice addition. 
I will share my recipe in my next post.

The meal ended with this lovely dessert. A "Make New Friends Plum Cobbler" With fresh plums and a touch of cinnamon. It was quite yummy ... not nearly as rich as the peach, apple or berry cobblers I've made in the past, which is good... that means you don't feel nearly as guilty when you help yourself to a second helping!!!

That being said... I think we'd need to double the recipe if we had any more than 5 friends in attendance!

Thanks for Checking in!

Simple Savory Cranberry Sauce

Friday, May 10, 2013

I've been a cookin'

As you know I am on a journey to cook through a cookbook by the end of the year 2013 and I've been busy... I forget to post and keep you updated on my progress.. 

so I'll do a quick recap. 

The book is "100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know" by Cindi Leive and the Editors at Glamour Magazine. 

And I am about 12-13 recipes in. 

This stew was super yummy!
(Thanks to the Easter Bunny for my new stock pot!)

Each recipe is teaching me something new, whether it be a new cooking style or how to use an ingredient I've never had the pleasure of using before. I'm really enjoying each of the recipes and even if I'm not a huge fan of whatever it may be, I take notes on how to make it into something that I'd love!

Its also pushing me to come up with new side dishes and take time to think about how the whole meal will come together rather than just relying on some old staples. 

Here is a recipe for the Gluten-free cornbread that I made to go with the stew shown above. You can tell this was good cornbread because thats all that was left ... and there were only 3 of us eating... :) 

I'll try to be better at taking photos and posting reviews. I already have the next post's photos and a bonus recipe with it! 

Until tomorrow!
-Chelsea Lou

This Girl Loves a Grand Gesture

Whether is a flash mob proposal or surprise party... I love it.. I love how it makes for a great story not only tomorrow but 30 years down the road. 

You may be asking... "Chels, why are you talking about grand gestures today? Do you have any news?" 

The answer is NO... I just love them, we got to witness a great TV proposal on Greys last night and that reminded me of a super sweet real life lip dub proposal on YouTube that was all the rage a couple of months ago. and of course I watched it (search "marry you proposal" to watch it yourself)... and cried... and then started praying to God that someone would love me like that to make such a grand gesture one day...

Then it hit me.

Someone does love me like that...

He loves me way more than that... He didn't just lay down his pride to dance around and get 60+ people to dance and sing with him... He laid down his life... and then defeated death... to give His bride an eternal life with Him.

Wow.. talk about a grand gesture... a wave of thankfulness just over came me... the prayer for my future husband turned into a long string of tearful thank yous... I was a mess all the way from the Hickory Grove Rd exit all the way to Columbus! I mean what more could I ask for than the love He showed all those years ago on the cross. 

And the thing is ... He didn't just do it for me... He did it for every person who has ever walked the earth. He loves each and every one of you enough to step down from His throne in HEAVEN to become a human and walk the earth and experience all of what it means to be human. He knew how his story would end. The pain he would endure. The Humiliation that would be thrown on Him and He still CHOSE to do it because he LOVES us. 

I mean WOW... I am still in awe of the revelation of that love again that came last night... I can't even pray for my husband today to come because this love is so much better than any earthly love ever could be. and I think my future husband will totally be ok with it.

I just couldn't sit on this revelation any longer and do nothing about it.. I had to share it with you. If you have more questions about this guy who loves you more than life feel free to email me or facebook me or just comment and I'll email you... 

Just don't miss out on this beautiful love He freely offers to anyone who will accept it.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Its spring!

Its finally feeling like spring and its MAY 8!

and I have been a slacker this spring... Not only in posting but in accomplishing my goals.

don't get me wrong. its been quite an eventful semester: a couple of weddings have taken place and one still to come, each with their own set of festivities, a spring break get away with my aunt to Savannah, GA and Hilton head, a Month long stress related illness that i'm still recovering from, several trips to southern LA and back, not to mention an elderly grandmother who had a spell in January (the same week we welcomed a new baby into the family), seeking God's will for where I need to be come fall and helping out with coordinating our children's ministry at church... oh and a little thing called working in a high school dorm through all of that.

 Whew... I'm sure there is more but my mind doesn't want to remember it all!!

I finally feel like I'm on the upswing of things.

 I mean summer is coming.. and you all know how much I love summer.

I got ACCEPTED to YWAM Madison for a Children-at-Risk DTS that Starts in September. I'm SOO Excited about this opportunity and It has brought an amazing amount of peace with it. You can find out more information about what this is here. I'll probably post on down the road some specifics with my trip and how you can help through prayer and support!

My stress related illness is calming down, which means that I finally feel good enough to try to eat right and actually get moving.

I started my AdvoCare 24 day challenge yesterday and I feel good...  This is a two fold goal for me. I'm trying to get my fitness journey kick started again and I'm using it as a tool to get some consistency in my life because I feel like I'm all over the place ALL of the time. I'm committing to this because I know that wherever the day may lead me I need to follow through with it. It also means making a point to get all of my spark and vitamins and shakes together in the mornings before I start my day.

So this is just an update of where I am these days. I'm going to try to make it a point to write some posts about the things that have happened this semester because I was constantly taking photos and writing them in my head but they just never made it to the keyboard!

Thanks for your patience with me!
Talk to you soon!
Chelsea Lou!