Thursday, September 16, 2010

Men of God and Some struggling princesses of the father

So... God has just been blessing my socks off this week in every possible way he can.
HE is sooo good to me... to everyone really... but especially to me...

My thursday nights are busy and full of God.
Tonight was On the Horizon's (Our church's campus ministry) first meeting on camps... it was great..God was there. Anyways.. when we started it was just me and the guys and about 45 seconds into worship i was just struck by this wonderful sound. it was the sound of 6 men's voices filling the room ... all singing in worship to our God... and they had become one voice, strong and stirring. It is something that i rarely get to experience and it was beautiful tonight. I felt like God was smiling and saying "I love those guys..." we worshiped about an hour and God moved in our midst... it was good.

Then i left before the teaching to get to girls growth group

I love this group. It was our first meeting but its working out perfectly. We are reading a book entitled "So Long Insecurity" by Beth Moore. and its exactly what every girl needs to read.

As we were meeting I was listening to all of the insecurities we each face and just felt so much love and compassion for each of these girls. It brought to mind what we are learning about in my gender issues class and how books and movies and stories we hear/read/watch influence how we view ourselves. -This stuff is true guys... we don't even realize it but all of the things these girls named in Growth group are the things my group in class listed as characteristics in disney movies or fairy tales....
I couldn't believe it... All of these Beautiful beloved Princesses were struggling with the failure of not living up to the fairy tale and our demented version of perfection.
And God has arranged for all of this to coincide on this one day.... hmmm, sounds kind of like him. I don't know what to do about it yet but i just needed to talk about it... and would love to talk about it more if anyone wants to give me a call.

love you guys!!!

i'll probably be writing about Growth group alot so just brace yourself!