Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yuck Yuck Yuck

Last night I was disgusted with myself. 
I had a fell-off-the-wagon-so-I'll-wallow-in-the-mud kind of day yesterday. 
I didn't eat anything until like 1pm and then I couldn't make myself stop. I even rationalized buying a party pizza from wal-mart and ordering in that chinese I've been craving for 2 weeks. Not only did I eat this bad stuff I stuffed myself on good stuff too.. a can of green beans and a can of black beans (at separate times of course). It was bad. Its the worst food day I've had since I was on steroids for my back pain in the spring and at least then I could point to a reason I was eating like a crazy person!

It hit me the hardest when I went to get the cash to pay for my take out. I needed one more dollar than I had on me so I went over to the envelope I have for the $$$ I put in Peggy for my weight loss achievements.
 I was literally stealing from myself.
Exchanging silly excuses of why I needed this food for my reward for abstaining from it. I had to figure out what was going on in my crazy brain of mine. What was the trigger, what set it off this time to the point that every-time I got up from the couch or homework I found myself scouring the fridge for something to put in my mouth. Why couldn't I stop myself?

While I was working the late shift pondering these things while making some rosettes for this fantastic blanket I've embarked on (I'll show you photos when I get it finished, Whenever that might be) I realized that I'm lonely. Not just the I'm-single-and-want-to-be-a-bride lonely, but just in general, in this dorm full of girls I never get a break from either being someone's superior or someone being mine. I've got to find some outlet of peers to meet new people. I love my little friend group but they've really become closer than family and sometimes family doesn't fulfill that social need. They just don't. : ( 

After a long text conversation with my friend J$ I felt super encouraged with a better outlook on this whole thing and a game plan to do some more socializing and not just being around tons of people. 

I just needed to be accountable to all you out there because I definitely double bagged that Pizza and put in under by bag so that the Kids on the bus couldn't see it as easily. Also I have to be accountable to myself for the damage I've done. I know that scale isn't going to show me what I want to see in the morning, but if I skip weigh in it will start a slippery slope that I've been down before. and I can't let myself go there this time. 
I can't.

So there you have it. 
Until tomorrow's ominous weigh in.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Low(ish) Carb No-Bake Cheesecake!!

Sometimes we just need to have something sweet to get us through a tough week. 
This recipe has been adapted from several I found online with a little bit of variation here and there with my own twist thrown in there. 

Low(ish) Carb No-Bake Cheesecakes
What you need:
2 Packages Neufchatel Cheese (the 33% reduced fat cream cheese)
8 oz. Whipping Cream
1/8 cup Splenda
1/8 cup Equal
1 package Chocolate Graham Crackers
Sugar Free Caramel (in the ice cream toppings section)

In one bowl use a hand beater to whip the cream cheese until smooth.

 In a separate bowl, whip the whipping cream until firm peaks form. 

With a rubber spatula, transfer the cream cheese in the whipped cream and beat until well mixed.

 Now you need a 1/4 cup of artifical sweetener, I used half Splenda and half Equal, I'm not really a fan of the splenda taste so this made for a better flavor.

While tearing the many packets of sweetener, pet the puppy with your foot so she feels loved and you don't get your hands germy!

Now look at the stack of sweetener packets to figure out which one you ended with before you were distracted by the cute pup. 

You will add the sweetener to the whipped mixture and whip some more, a lot more, to make sure the mixture is smooth and evenly sweetened.

 Now blend one package of the chocolate graham crackers. This is why this recipe says (ISH) in the title. These little babies definitely have sugar but you really only get about one cracker per serving and mine has a little too much crust in the bottom.
 Now spread the crumbs evenly between the glasses, I made 6 servings with this one recipe.  

**Here's a little trick of the trade. As you see in the two glasses in the above one seems to have more crusty goodness in the bottom... that is not so. Both have the same amount but in the one on the right I made a little well like you would when making biscuits so it looks like there is more in the bottom.**

Next you'll split the whipped mixture evenly between the glasses, trying to stay as neat as possible. I'm not very good at keeping it neat but I try really hard. 
Top with the Sugar Free Caramel Syrup. This really could have waited until just before serving because it mixed with the top of the cheesecakey part while sitting in the fridge.
 Cover and sit in the fridge to chill until just before serving.
Since I take over his house on Thursday afternoons when I cook and we kick him out during bible study/Grey's night, I make sure my best friend's husband gets some dessert if I make any... He usually gets the messiest one but that's always better than nothing!!
 There they are. The Finished Product! Ready to enjoy! and Enjoy we did! They were super yummy! and the other girls couldn't believe that it really was low carb.You could also add nuts to this and make it turtley but I didn't think about that while I was pushing the cart around Kroger, plus.. Nuts are expensive.

Here are the instructions without the photos and puppy so you can copy and paste more easily:

Low(ish) Carb No-Bake Cheesecakes

What you need:
2 Packages Neufchatel Cheese (the 33% reduced fat cream cheese)
8 oz. Whipping Cream
1/8 cup Splenda
1/8 cup Equal
1 package Chocolate Graham Crackers
Sugar Free Caramel (in the ice cream toppings section)

In a mixing bowl whip the cream cheese with a handheld mixer until smooth with no lumps.

In a separate bowl, using the same mixer, whip the Whipping Cream until firm peaks form.

Transfer the Cream cheese into the whipping cream bowl. Whip until completely blended together. 

Add in 1/4 cup of Artificial Sweetener. Blend some more.
Crush Graham Crackers.

Layer cracker crumbs, whipped mixture and caramel sauce in a serving dish. 

Chill until ready to serve (at least an hour).


Happy Eats!

Fave Find Friday: Tiny Pepperonis

Fave Find Friday!!

This is my fave find this week! These little pepperonis are perfect for snacking with no sugar. 
They have just enough spice to keep you from eating too many and the best part of this little find? 
It was only $1 at Walmart this morning!
You can't beat that!!

Happy Friday!


So.. I've been a bad South Beach Follower this week. 
Well really just Wednesday... I kinda threw it all out the window when I went to Jackson for a Dr.'s Appt. My family went to eat at Keifer's, this delicious greek place right off State Street, and I had their cottage fries and feta sauce with very little guilt. But the surprising thing was that I only had 2 slices.. in the past, I could have/would have eaten an entire order of those lovely things all on my own.. But I didn't!

 YAY for Change!!

Then I had a couple of cokes and (hiding my face) Taco Bell for dinner. That meal I am ashamed of. 

But the important thing is that yesterday morning I just got up and started back on track, because Wednesday was just another day and I'll have more of those days where indulging in those old foods will happen. This is a new attitude for me in my weight loss journey, and its a hard one to keep. I want to badly to say, "Oh well, I failed this week so I'll just eat whatever this weekend and start back on Monday." WRONG!!! I have to wake up EACH morning and choose to commit to this thing. "Tomorrow is a new day with no Mistakes in it yet" is what a poster that I have framed in my bathroom states. 
I have to remind myself and fight so that tomorrow will be a good day and even the next meal will be a good meal.

This afternoon I'll post a recipe I made yesterday for our Bible Study/ Grey's night.
 Low-Carb No-Bake Cheesecake!! Yum!!

Talk to you this afternoon!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Best Dishes!! A Friend's Cookbook

Love & Best Dishes for the Mr. And Mrs. 

yes this is set up on a ping-pong table. :) 
That was the title of the cookbook we put together for our dear friend Melissa's wedding shower this past weekend.  We filled it with the recipes of the foods made for the shower as well as some of her favorites from our college days! Since it was a Kitchen Shower I thought this little gift would be one she treasured for years as she added to it from time to time.

Here's how you can make one for your bride-to-be!
You will need:

1 3-Ring Binder (I got heavy duty because I am expecting Lots of use)
1 Pack of Dividers
1 Pack of 50 Clear Page Protectors
1 Pack of Cardstock (I purchased the pastel assortment)
2 or 3 pages of fancy 8x10 Invitation paper for the Covers 

**Important note: Make sure to let the guests know to come ready with a recipe to share. Some of us have a few recipes memorized but if it gets too complicated its nice to have already have it written down somewhere just to copy when they arrive. **

How to put it together:

1. Make Cover Pages. To do this I used the fancy 8x10 invitation paper found at the local stationary store. You can also just whip one up on your favorite desktop publishing program. I didn't have a printer so I simply hand wrote the cover page. I included the title, an explanation, and the date of the shower. I also cut up the second page with this art on it and used it to decorate the back and side pockets for a completed all around look.

2. Label the dividers. I divided the cook book into these categories: Party Foods, Sweets, Main Dishes, Others, and Our Favorites. 

3. Set up the Table. Lay out the paper and pens with instructions to fill out recipes with a note for the bride and groom and a spot to place the completed recipe cards. 

4. Collect the Cards.

5. Put it together for the Bride. Insert the pages into the protectors then put them into the correct categories. Put extra paper in the back inside pocket and the extra protectors at the back of the binder so she can add to it at later showers or as the years go by. 

6. Present it to the bride and give her a big fat hug!! 

She will love this special gift. 
Especially if she is as sentimental as me and our friend Melissa! 
There is a story to go with each of those recipes and she can tell you exactly what it is!

Happy gift giving!!


Since I forgot my computer charger at home this weekend I didn't get to post my Favorite Finds Friday post. This week it is a great little snack that is definitely on the South Beach plan. 

If you don't know what Edamame is, its just a Japanese name for steamed soybeans in their pods. At many sushi restaurants you can order a bowl of it as an appetizer. Just use your teeth to open the pods and enjoy this healthy little snack.

These little pouches came in a box of 6 single serving steam bags from the freezer section at WalMart. These little pouches have proven themselves handy over the last 2 weeks. All I have to do is pop it in the microwave for 2 mins, let sit for a min, pour into a bowl and sprinkle with a little salt and I'll have a healthy little snack in no time. 

Happy Snacking!

Weigh in Week 2

Well this weekend I cheated... like a little bit from Thursday night bible study pizza and chocolate cake through Sunday night subway run after church, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it because I knew this particular weekend would be extremely difficult to stay away from sugar completely.  You see, there was this thing called a MSU football game and then a very cool wedding shower where everything had sugar except the rotel. I just made a deal with myself on Thursday night that it would be ok for me to enjoy the foods at these events as long as I ate well during the rest of the day and get back on the horse bright and early Monday morning. Here's the weigh in stats:

Weight Loss this week: +.5 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 5.5 lbs
Total Loss To-Go: 102.5 lbs

So there is your update this week.
Have a great one!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

weak day today

Today I struggled, probably because I didn't eat anything until 11 am and then again at 4:30pm.

Actually It was just more of an internal struggle today. I stayed on track food wise today and did an hour of Yoga with our Yoga Club here at the school but I've stared at the China Royal Menu on the fridge for a good 45 minutes this afternoon, going over all the pros and cons of just ordering it and giving in. But I didn't so Its a Win!

Just needed to share because I want all you looking for inspiration out there that everyday won't be easy, actually most wont. But like my dear friend told me this afternoon when I needed some encouragement ... ITS NOT WORTH IT!!...

I've been saying this quote we saw on pinterest earlier today in my head this afternoon:
"Don't give up what you really want for what you want right now"

Don't give up. Its worth it to keep on track even if you can taste the coconut chicken and fried rice on your tongue.

Until next time!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The bible is so cool..

Good afternoon loved ones!

      This morning I was reading through my assigned reading for this week while I sat in the bakery at STATE from the book You Are Gifted by Kenneth Hemphill. We are studying in depth this week about the context and scripture surrounding the spiritual gifts mentioned in Ephesians chapter 4. Let me share this paragraph from the book with you and share with you the really cool cross reference my mind made with it. This is from page 149 in the book:

"The church - yes, I am talking about your church - is intended to express God's fullness in your community and to the ends of the Earth. In case you think the church in incapable of such a lofty goal, just listen to the end of the prayer. "Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen." (vv.20-21) More than we ask or dream! According to the power that works in us! Did you notice that when the church receives glory, Christ receives glory?"

When I read that last question it sent my mind to Ephesians 5:23 that states "For the husband is the head of the wife, as also christ is the head of the church; and he is the savior of the body."

Which made me think of another woman in the bible who's Husband is brought glory through her diligence and actions, The Elusive Proverbs 31 Woman.

For several years this model of a virtuous woman has spurred me on to prepare to be the best possible wife and woman in general, and so many women have complained that this woman only in theory and no one woman can really do all of those things,


What if....

Just go with me here....

The CHURCH is supposed to take action like the Proverbs 31 woman. The church is the BRIDE of Christ and our purpose is to make is name known. Can Christ say that his heart safely trusts the church that he will have no lack of gain? (v.11) Do we honor Him, doing only good, not evil all the days of our life? (v.12) Shouldn't the church willingly and diligently work to provide for the children of God? (v.13-19)  We should extend our hands to the poor and reach out to those in need.(v.20) We should only open our mouths with wisdom and on our tongues should be the law of kindness. (v. 26) We should NOT EAT THE BREAD OF IDLENESS that seems to be the tendency of so many local churches.(v.27) Its time that we collectively together as the Bride of Christ to gird ourselves with strength and make our arms strong (v.17) in the word to do the work he has asked us to do, to be his living representation on this earth, bringing Glory to the Father until our bridegroom returns! Honestly, WE"VE done a poor job making our husband proud to call us His, but the most fantastic part of this is no single person is responsible for being this Bride by themselves, we are ONE body with many parts as Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 12:14. Lets be the crowning jewel on the head of our Bridegroom which is Christ and not a bride that causes shame and rottenness in his bones. (Proverbs 12:4)

Now didn't I say the BIBLE was cool?

Think on this brothers and sisters.
Until next time!

Monday, September 17, 2012


Its weigh in day! 
I hope every weigh in day feels this exciting!! 
I have lost 6lbs this week. 
Wooo Hooo!! 
Thank you God!
I did a 2 minute silly happy dance when I got off the scale, I'm glad no one could see it because I looked ridiculous.  
Also another thing I'm celebrating today is the fact that I went a whole weekend without cheating even once, which really is a first for me! Its only by the grace of God that I was able to do it... Half the girls in the dorm performed at the opening of Krispy Kreme in town and received 2 boxes of doughnuts for free and wanted to give them away. I was able to say No thank you with no problems! 

Now I have something to show you. 

This is my inspiration wall. I got the idea from Pinterest and will adapt it to my life accordingly. Its a visual reminder everyday of my goal and how far i've come and milestones to look forward to. I'll be adding things to it as I go along and I'll share it with you from time to time as I weigh in and reach goals.

This is what I promised to show you yesterday, These are the next 3 goals to meet with their predetermined rewards. A mani-pedi at 10lbs (I'm almost there!), a haircut at 15lbs down and to schedule the massage that I won at a silent auction for half price at 20lbs. Once I reach one goal, I'll set the next. I know I'm gonna really stick to it this week because these nails of mine need some loving!

Thanks for reading!
Until Next Time!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Meet Peggy


Meet Peggy. 

She is a piggy bank.

She will be holding $1 for each pound I lose as well as $1 for each workout I complete.

When I reach a certain goal already predetermined by myself I shall empty her contents and go shopping and buy something FANTASTIC which has not been predetermined. 

So I really love shopping and what I've learned from the various weightloss plans I've been on in the past is that you need to reward yourself when you reach a goal. My problem was that in the past I rewarded my weight loss with food. Oh yeah, how counterproductive right?! but in my mind it made sense.
I would leave the weight watchers weigh in and go straight over to China Wok and fill up a to go plate for $5.83. (You can tell how often it happened that I can still remember how much that meal was)

Now I've realized I have to set up my rewards before I reach them or I'll very easily slip into "Oh I lost 5 lbs this week, I deserve an order of Sloppy Fries for all my hard work" mind set.

Tomorrow after weigh in I'll show you some more of my Goals and the predetermined rewards!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Breakfast a la Turkey Bacon

One thing I can have on the South Beach plan is EGGS. 

I practically survived on them last time I did this plan and kind of haven't eaten them much since. I guess I got kind of burned out on them, but none the less its really hard to do South Beach passing up the eggs.

As you know I live in a dorm so I have little stove access so I had to think/find a way to cook this staple food in my room and safely. 

Well did you know that you can cook eggs in the microwave? yeah, I can see the confused and disgusted look on your face. You can! and mine were pretty good. I shall tell you how I made them.

* I looked up about 5 ways to make them and combined the best tips into one easy to follow recipe *

Don't they look yummy!!

Eggs in the Microwave

You Need: 
Microwaveable Bowl   
2-3 eggs  
I can't believe its not butter spray
1 tbsp water        
seasonings of your choice (I used Tony's)

1. Mix all of the ingredients in the bowl, stirring well. 
**The water keeps the eggs moist so they don't over cook and get chewy. **

2. Microwave eggs for 30 seconds. 

3. Stir

4. Repeat until cooked fully. 
You know what runny eggs feels like so make sure you have cooked your eggs all the way so that your tummy doesn't get any bugs. 

*You may also add cheese to your mix if you'd like, mix it in before you begin cooking your eggs. 

Now cook yourself up some turkey bacon (follow directions on pack) and have yourself a great South Beach approved meal. Yumm.

Happy Bacon Eating!!

p.s. Bacon is my favorite just in case you didn't know

Craving.. Rice Crispies???

So I've been doing good this week sticking to the plan with only a few special occasion cheats, you know for the concert and my parents surprised me last night with dinner at The Grill at Jackson Square, and even then my only cheat was a Coca-Cola so I say its been a successful week. We shall see come weigh-in day on Monday morning. 

This morning while scrolling through Pinterest I saw this delicious looking snack and it just sent a craving through my body that seems unusual to me. It was "breakfast sushi" - a banana, covered in peanut butter covered in rice crispies. O M G. To me this morning this little snack sounds like heaven, and as healthy as it is, its not phase one South Beach approved.  : ( sad day in ChelseaWorld.
(I just though I'd let you all know that rice crispies with banana chopped up in them is my all time favorite cereal in the world. Its my childhood. and that's all I can say before I start tearing up!)

But there is good news. In a couple of weeks when this phase is over this will be a great little snack, with good sugars, protein and a little crunch that I'm so missing without the carbs.

Now I want to share a Goal of mine with you. 
You see... I have this nice Northface 3-in-1 Rain/Ski Jacket that My sweet mommy bought for me when I started at STATE. Well.. I can wear it now, but without the fleece liner and only when in standing position does it zip and look flattering. So you see my dilemma. 

before photo. it doesn't look bad just not as comfortable as i'd like. (sorry about the crazy face. mirror pics are tricky.)

My Goal is by the winter to be able to put in the Liner and zip that baby up and have a seat and look like a darling little snow bunny rather than a stuffed pork chop. 

There you have it. My thoughts this early morning post 6:30am Fire Alarm and Office Duty from 8:30-1:30.

Maybe I'll post some recipes this afternoon!! You just have to come back and see!

Until then, 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


So if you are my friend on Facebook, You know that I was extremely tired today because I stayed out way too late the night before an ALL DAY FIELD TRIP for the ENTIRE SCHOOL to tsun. (YUCK!!) 

But... It was SOOOO worth it!

Went to see TRAIN in T-Town last night!! It was a really great time! Andy Grammar and Matt Kearney were both really great opening acts for the ones we were really there to see. 
Here is a very poor photo from my iPhone from our seats and then zoomed in with said iPhone. :)

They were singing "Drops of Jupiter" here.

 Needless to say it was a really great time and I'm definitely even more of a Train fan now because of their aproachableness... is that a word?

Anyways... Just wanted to share a photo of the event and brag on this venue. The Tuscaloosa Amphitheater was fantastic. We were shocked to see how good our seats were and that if we had decided to go the cheaper route that there weren't really any bad seats in the house. I recommend it to anyone who is thinking of going to a concert there any time. 

I do have to admit that I veered off the south beach plan for dinner because it was a special occasion and I had 3 cokes and some yummy Chicken Florentine Lasagna in a tomato cream sauce at this great little Italian place on University in T-town. Its called Depalma's.. also highly recommended!!

Until Next Time!!
Chelsea Lou!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fave Find ... MIO !

Well just as I hit send assuring y'all this was going to be  a successful go at getting fit and plugged in my computer, the craving to eat hit me... typical for me.  

So I decided I'd publish my first tip for you guys. 
Here it is:

That is MIO, Blueberry Lemonade Flavor. It is a liquid water flavor enhancer. All you do is just squirt as much or as little as you'd like in your water to give it a kick. You can take this with you anywhere you go so its always with you when you have just had it with a plain water with lemon but you're trying to stay away from sodas.
You can get it at any Walmart or grocery store and I know Kroger even has its own brand of this cool little product. I haven't tried the other flavors but probably will in the future.  

Happy Sipping!

I know i've said it before... but

I know I've said it before, and you are all tired of hearing it but... I'm starting South Beach again.

Strike that.

I started South Beach this morning.

I told The Baking Bride last monday that I was going to start the next morning.... that was all well and good until someone bought me a frosty from Wendy's... and who can resist a frosty right?!
Then I was like I'll just start tomorrow, except I was too lazy to go get any groceries. So wednesday morning I settled on starting today, I would get some supplementing groceries because I really need to eat the free food from the cafeteria if at all possible.
I then proceeded in preparing another way, by eating all of my favorite foods and making a dessert with lots and lots of sugar (which is what South Beach deals with, sugar). I ate all kinds of delicious CRAP as well as a final meal of a Cajun Club Basket with a Coke from ZAXBY'S and some yummy ice cream during the broncos game last night. I don't recommend preparing for a diet this way. I felt awful and lazy all day saturday and I've been breaking out like crazy. :(

So here we go, South Beach from the Dorm. I'm going to try to keep you updated with the tips and tricks that I have to figure out along the way.

Food Today:
There wasn't any meat on the buffet line, I just got some squash and green beans and made a salad with ham, bacon bits, cheese, pickles, 1 cherry tomato and boiled eggs and had some flavor enhanced water to wash it all down. All in all I feel pretty fulfilled so I know this is going to go really well this time.

Until Next Time,