Saturday, September 15, 2012

Craving.. Rice Crispies???

So I've been doing good this week sticking to the plan with only a few special occasion cheats, you know for the concert and my parents surprised me last night with dinner at The Grill at Jackson Square, and even then my only cheat was a Coca-Cola so I say its been a successful week. We shall see come weigh-in day on Monday morning. 

This morning while scrolling through Pinterest I saw this delicious looking snack and it just sent a craving through my body that seems unusual to me. It was "breakfast sushi" - a banana, covered in peanut butter covered in rice crispies. O M G. To me this morning this little snack sounds like heaven, and as healthy as it is, its not phase one South Beach approved.  : ( sad day in ChelseaWorld.
(I just though I'd let you all know that rice crispies with banana chopped up in them is my all time favorite cereal in the world. Its my childhood. and that's all I can say before I start tearing up!)

But there is good news. In a couple of weeks when this phase is over this will be a great little snack, with good sugars, protein and a little crunch that I'm so missing without the carbs.

Now I want to share a Goal of mine with you. 
You see... I have this nice Northface 3-in-1 Rain/Ski Jacket that My sweet mommy bought for me when I started at STATE. Well.. I can wear it now, but without the fleece liner and only when in standing position does it zip and look flattering. So you see my dilemma. 

before photo. it doesn't look bad just not as comfortable as i'd like. (sorry about the crazy face. mirror pics are tricky.)

My Goal is by the winter to be able to put in the Liner and zip that baby up and have a seat and look like a darling little snow bunny rather than a stuffed pork chop. 

There you have it. My thoughts this early morning post 6:30am Fire Alarm and Office Duty from 8:30-1:30.

Maybe I'll post some recipes this afternoon!! You just have to come back and see!

Until then, 

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