Tuesday, November 23, 2010

God is just soooo cool

So.. i've been going through a really tough time lately but have been seeking God in all of it. Now because of some certain circumstances I have plenty of time to just seek him and work on me. The things that i have been praying for opportunities to do have fallen in my lap, and i am so thankful. I have just been able to hear God a little more clearly in my crying out to him. and it is awesome!
One thing he keeps telling me is that I asked him and begged him to make me more like Jesus and when I start asking why these things have happened to me and what have i done to deserve this he calmly says to me.. "you asked to be like Jesus.. i know its hard but you asked to be like my son, and i want that so badly for you so I'm giving it to you. Just hang in there sweet girl... the day will come when you will look back on this struggle in your life and see all the fruits of your tears."Its hard sometimes to see the end.. but i know its there...

This weekend I did alot of driving and praying and just felt like God wanted me to go to The Ramp for their sunday night service but things just didn't work out that way, I had already been to Huntsville and back on saturday and Hamilton is a long drive in the woods alone.
This morning i found out why he wanted me to go. He wanted me to hear this sermon by Casey Doss. I'm sure that there may have been some other blessings in store if i could have made it there but God still has a way of getting us the words we need even when we think they are just out of reach.
Listen to the sermon and be encouraged to stick it out and seek God... No matter how good or bad things look right now.

Love you all!