Sunday, September 16, 2012

Meet Peggy


Meet Peggy. 

She is a piggy bank.

She will be holding $1 for each pound I lose as well as $1 for each workout I complete.

When I reach a certain goal already predetermined by myself I shall empty her contents and go shopping and buy something FANTASTIC which has not been predetermined. 

So I really love shopping and what I've learned from the various weightloss plans I've been on in the past is that you need to reward yourself when you reach a goal. My problem was that in the past I rewarded my weight loss with food. Oh yeah, how counterproductive right?! but in my mind it made sense.
I would leave the weight watchers weigh in and go straight over to China Wok and fill up a to go plate for $5.83. (You can tell how often it happened that I can still remember how much that meal was)

Now I've realized I have to set up my rewards before I reach them or I'll very easily slip into "Oh I lost 5 lbs this week, I deserve an order of Sloppy Fries for all my hard work" mind set.

Tomorrow after weigh in I'll show you some more of my Goals and the predetermined rewards!

Happy Sunday!

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