Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I fell off the Wagon

When I say I fell of the wagon, I don't mean I just slipped off and landed on my feet.... I mean while I was twirling around in excitement from my success I lost my footing and did a faceplant in the horse poo and the mud... or rather a pizza and mac and cheese.

I started to tell you the whole story but as I was typing it, it all just sounded like a bunch of excuses. Any thing I could say other than I ate a whole pizza and taco bell in one day and didn't exercise or take my Advocare Vitamins would be an excuse. And I am so ashamed.

I am a compulsive overeater and stress plus the smell of pizzas equals disaster for me... every time... and if anyone has ever lived in a dorm during exam week knows that you can escape either of those things.

But I want to you know that it was not a split second decision to order a pizza  or go pick up taco bell. I struggled with the compulsion to do it for literally days before I gave in. Which in turn increased my stress level. I couldn't focus on anything else... like really, I couldn't remember kids names or the date or anything.

So I gave in.

and I regret it. and I'm finding it hard to get back on the wagon... today I just sat in the mud and looked at the wagon and complained about my swollen ankles and Tried to come up with some plan where this will never happen again...

But... The thing is...

It will happen again. I've just got to figure out how to cut my recovery time  considerably. Its like show choir or Guard auditions... they aren't judging you completely on how perfectly you can perform the given routine.... they need to see how quickly you can recover if something unusual happens, because one day it will.

So what do I want you to take away from this?
1. We ALL fail... and sometimes we wallow in our failures.
2. Tomorrow is a new day with no Mistakes in it yet.
3. Its ok if tomorrow has a mistake... just do what you can to make it better than today. 

So yes I fell off the wagon... but in the morning I'm setting my alarm, eating breakfast, dusting myself off and hopping back up on that wagon.

Thanks for reading today.
Hopefully the next post will be more upbeat!

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  1. Hope you're back up on that wagon and moving right along :) I've struggled with face-plants in the poo, myself. Minimizing the recovery time is absolutely the key. I'm still learning, but it's getting quicker.