Thursday, May 16, 2013

TP Rolls and Rainbows

We all know the story of Noah's Flood found in Genesis 6-9. At the end of this very important story of God's might as well as his grace, God gave Noah a symbol to remind his people of his promise to never flood the earth again. That symbol was a rainbow.

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I have a rainbow of my own that just developed over the past month or so. Its the Toilet Paper Roll. I know what you're thinking.. "She's lost it!" but I haven't.

You see, back in April, the Baking Bride and I had children's church and we were going to make "Telescopes" to go along with our High Seas Adventure Theme. But  I forgot to get an email out to parents to get some help finding tp rolls. So i just prayed that God would help me find enough rolls for the children that might show up that day.
And He did.
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It was like every time I went into a restroom that week there was an empty roll on the holder. There was even one in the otherwise empty trash can in my room at BB's house, and I even finished up my roll of paper towels that week without trying. I, of course, lysoled them all really well before we made our telescopes but I was just amazed at God's provision, and we even had more than we needed that day.

Now Everytime I see an empty toilet paper roll (This is still happening 2 or 3 times a week everywhere I go) I'm reminded of God's provision for my life's endeavors. If He's called me to it, He will provide the resources I need to complete it.

This is a big deal in my life right now, My upcoming DTS with YWAM is going to need ALOT of resources, like $7000 in resources plus airfare for coming home for christmas. But God is Continually reminding me that he's got this. If He can provide 20 tp rolls in a week then he can provide anything else I might need exactly when I need it.

So there you go. If you have time today pick up your Bible or use you bible app to read what Paul has to say about God's provision in Philippians chapter 4.

Thanks for reading today!
-Chelsea Lou

What is your reminder of God's promises to you/us? 
Comment below with your answer!

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