Saturday, May 18, 2013

24 Day Challenge: HALF WAY UPDATE

I Made It Half Way!

This is further than I got last time. 

Before, I had already gotten frustrated with the pills and and my lack of ability to adhere to the program. I felt really defeated, but today.. as I'm rounding out day 12 I feel really good. 

Even if the scale isn't moving like I'd like it to, I can see the positivity in my face and I can feel the progress when I wear a t-shirt and the sleeves hang lower than normal and I can definitely tell a difference in my stamina as I work out.

I can see and feel a difference in my hands and wrists when using hand sanitizer or putting on bracelets.

I know why the scale isn't moving like I want it to. Its because I am not following the nutrition plan as it states. If I stuck with exactly what It said I'd be dropping the weight like crazy ... but I love cheese (I don't eat it every meal, but its so dang good) and I love ice cream. So I've made the decision to be ok with the rate at which I'm reaching my goal because I'm not avoiding them completely and at the same time reminding myself that those things are treats and not necessary for life.
I also have to keep reminding myself that losing the poundage for good means I need to do it slowly and work for it. If it just fell off without much work then I'd return to old habits quickly and put it right back on.

 So there you have it. A Half Way update. Here are some stats for you.

12 days of 24 day challenge
4 lbs gone
8 of 50 days working out
Wk 2/Day 1 of running plan complete

Until Next Time!

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