Friday, May 10, 2013

This Girl Loves a Grand Gesture

Whether is a flash mob proposal or surprise party... I love it.. I love how it makes for a great story not only tomorrow but 30 years down the road. 

You may be asking... "Chels, why are you talking about grand gestures today? Do you have any news?" 

The answer is NO... I just love them, we got to witness a great TV proposal on Greys last night and that reminded me of a super sweet real life lip dub proposal on YouTube that was all the rage a couple of months ago. and of course I watched it (search "marry you proposal" to watch it yourself)... and cried... and then started praying to God that someone would love me like that to make such a grand gesture one day...

Then it hit me.

Someone does love me like that...

He loves me way more than that... He didn't just lay down his pride to dance around and get 60+ people to dance and sing with him... He laid down his life... and then defeated death... to give His bride an eternal life with Him.

Wow.. talk about a grand gesture... a wave of thankfulness just over came me... the prayer for my future husband turned into a long string of tearful thank yous... I was a mess all the way from the Hickory Grove Rd exit all the way to Columbus! I mean what more could I ask for than the love He showed all those years ago on the cross. 

And the thing is ... He didn't just do it for me... He did it for every person who has ever walked the earth. He loves each and every one of you enough to step down from His throne in HEAVEN to become a human and walk the earth and experience all of what it means to be human. He knew how his story would end. The pain he would endure. The Humiliation that would be thrown on Him and He still CHOSE to do it because he LOVES us. 

I mean WOW... I am still in awe of the revelation of that love again that came last night... I can't even pray for my husband today to come because this love is so much better than any earthly love ever could be. and I think my future husband will totally be ok with it.

I just couldn't sit on this revelation any longer and do nothing about it.. I had to share it with you. If you have more questions about this guy who loves you more than life feel free to email me or facebook me or just comment and I'll email you... 

Just don't miss out on this beautiful love He freely offers to anyone who will accept it.


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