Sunday, May 12, 2013

Trying this running thing... again and a Happy Mother's Day!

What a beautiful Mother's day here in the Golden Triangle. A Cloudless sky with a nice cool breeze! It doesn't really get better than that! (unless of course you're at the beach... the beach is always better)

I am so super thankful for my great mommy! and her mommy and all of my aunts and cousins and friends who are mommies! I've learned  so much from watching and interacting with you and your little ones! 

May God bless the socks off of each and everyone of you today!

Now on to the running.....

I decided I'd really like to try running again... and it was never an issue of hating to run but always an issue of going a little too far, a little too fast and injuring my back.

I've started the Couch to 5K program several times.. I get to about week two and then ~*!BAM!*~ my back goes into spasms and I'm totally out of commission for anything except laying on the floor with my legs resting on the couch...

You see, I have a couple of vertebrae in my back with compression fractures from a boating accident in Destin, FL back in 2004. I still get anxious when we drive over that big bridge into Destin. So now I'll have back problems for the rest of my life thanks to some jerks in a BIG boat that don't know what IDLE: NO WAKE ZONE means.

Sorry... I'm usually not ugly like that but its really changed the way I have to live my life and I've missed out on a LOT of opportunities and big events because of back problems and it makes me sad because it was totally preventable, if only the rules would have been followed. I still love being on the water and boating but it did take me a long time to be comfortable riding in my dad's boat again. That's why I usually volunteer to take one of the Jet Skis when we're heading to a sandbar or something.

MoW and me in Destin July 2012 
My sweet cousin and My pretty sister

With that being said... I'm trying out a new method of training myself to run. I found a post on Runs For Cookies, a blog by Katie who changed her life through running and lost 125 lbs. Its a plan that is for people who HATE running so it starts you off nice and slow... a 30 second run and a 29 min 30 sec walk at your own pace, bumping it up by only a little bit every other day.

Sounds doable right? Right!!

I've completed days 1 and 2 and feel great! I'm also on day 6 of my Advocare 24 day Challenge and I'm feeling good. I'll post an update on that come Tuesday after completing an entire week! I'm so excited summer is so close!! I'm definitely going to take in as much of the sun and sand and salt water as possible as I'll get to experience a Wisconsin winter this year!

Until Next time!
Chelsea Lou!

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