Friday, May 20, 2011

a success and a unquenchable craving

So on this weight loss journey of mine I have my ups and downs...

Thursday was an up. I didn't cheat at all. I didn't get too hungry and kept busy and accomplished alot on that lazy day. I even made a great appetizer SB style that i'll blog about later.


Today is another story. I can't get full, I haven't felt full all day and instead of just going to sleep or soothing it with tv watching I can't stop thinking about what i can eat... and i feel miserable because I want to be skinny but right now my desire to be thin is overwhelmed by my desire to eat... thats my biggest problem with weight loss... Food is more enjoyable to me right now because i can't see the end result and see how much i will love being thin.

So today i'm feeling down... but tomorrow I will wake up and start all over again... one day at a time right? One day at a time!

- Chels

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