Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Miss Mondays

No, I've not gone crazy and i know that mondays are probably the most hated and dreaded days each week ...


Not for me!

I've come to love mondays this past semester. They have actually become one of my favorite days for a couple of reasons... and I'm so sad that summer has come and stolen my routine!!

Reason 1 why I love Mondays this spring:
I held a girls bible study with some of the most amazing girls
that are part or have been a part of the ZTA sorority here on campus. I'm not part of ZETA but I LOVE THESE WOMEN!! We just have an hour and a half each week to share life and just pray and seek the word together. I miss them so much and that time with them is truly treasured by me.

Reason 2:
Supper Swap...
Some of you know what this is and some of you are about to be enlightened.

Supper Swap is an idea that my favorite neighbor and friend came up with where 4 or 5 households eat together each night of the week, each household buying groceries and cooking dinner one night a week. You can just pick up your food or are welcome to stay around and fellowship or watch WHEEL but nothing is required other than cook on your night. This was started to keep us all out of the drive thru as we are all trying to lose a few lbs. and has worked for the nights we are together.
Well.. Monday nights are my night but we have taken a break over the summer and are now just cooking only one night a month... Which is good and frees everyone up for traveling and doing family things later in the day since it doesn't get dark until 8:30 now... but its bad because I miss getting to cook a big meal. I love to cook ... LOVE IT... but i don't like to cook when i'm the only one eating because its really hard to just cook for one and i'll eat it all tonight if its in the fridge for tomorrow's lunch.. so I miss cooking for people and i miss having those people in my home.

So there it is.. I miss mondays.
love always,

PS.. if anyone wants someone to eat meals with during the week I'll be in starkville most of the summer! Just facebook me and i'll cook for you!!

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