Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fresh air and bugspray

The scents that get a girl in the mood for a good hike... so... I went!!

Yes, there are hiking trails in MS and although they are mostly short 1 mile round trip trails, it was perfect today. Here are some photos from my adventure.

This is the map of the trail of hwy 25 outside of Starkville.

Trees recently fallen from the storms a couple of weeks ago... they were so pretty and
I felt like a real explorer as I climbed over them.

You can't tell it from here but this view of the winding trail is just breathtaking and looks alot like a photo I used a couple of posts ago.. I love nature!

And this is ME!! It was cool enough wear a sweatshirt in the middle of may... weird.

The best part of hiking is the conversations you get to have with God. Some real hard conversations and problems have been resolved while on a hike. I just love it and am so glad to find a trail that is close to my home.

love always,

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