Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fave new store in Starkville!!

So today on my way home from lunch with the baking bride and watkins wave ride I decided I would stop by this new store that I had passed a couple of times over the last few weeks but never had time to stop. The name of the store is THYME and its a cooking supplies store!
And it is beautiful!! and has tons of fun useful things for cooking , precious dishes, and A bountiful display of Le Creuset cook ware.
The best part is the amazing kitchen that is located in the store where they hold demonstrations and cooking classes! I could tell that the salesgirl could tell I was in love by the way she brought me the newsletter sign up list which usually lies on the desk next to the cash register. And I am in love. I talked to her about the classes and demonstrations that they have and asked if they did private parties like wedding showers or grown up birthday parties and she said that that was in the plans soon! How exciting to have such a cool place for a party here in Starkville. Please go by and check out this store and the lovely owners!


** if any of you reading this plan to be in my wedding party eventually, you need to remember how much I loved the idea of this place**

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  1. LOL I am excited about the place just from reading this blog.....