Monday, October 15, 2012

Why do we crave the stuff that is killing us?

This question has just bogged down my mind this weekend. You see I have a gluten sensitivity and I had a kidney infection this past week. As I walked around the grocery store all I wanted to buy was foods full of wheat products and man I could have killed for a Coke.

For me, having a couple of cokes in the span of 2 days after a period of not having any for a while always triggers a kidney infection, but still as I was laying there on the couch with my lower back throbbing, I wanted so badly to go out and get a coke. It literally put me in that situation and I still craved it. I feel like I should be Angry at it and Hate it for hurting me... but I don't.

This same thing happens with anything with gluten in it, if there are 3 or four days of eating breads or pastas, my insides just start hurting, and I know why and I know who to blame, but still I am drawn to those foods when I'm feeling bad.

I'm sure its all psychological, those foods are my "comfort foods" so they make my brain happy when I partake in them. They help relieve my mental stress and help me to "relax". (Sounds like an alcoholic talking about their evening drink doesn't it?)

I've got to figure out a way to see these foods for what they are, harmful dangerous weapons that seek to destroy my body, and start a vicious cycle of needing comfort, getting it from these foods, feeling bad, and needing comfort again. I'm not saying that wheat and cokes are harmful and dangerous for everyone. But for me they are. and I need to understand that to live the healthiest life possible. The hard part now is acting on this knowledge because now I am responsible for it. 

Any Ideas on how to do that?
I would greatly appreciate any ideas at this point because simply cuting them out of my life is not going to work. 

There you have it. My thought for the week!

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