Monday, October 22, 2012

Weigh In Week 6

Alright guys!! I'm officially only 100lbs from my goal weight! 
For some reason my brain thinks that this number is much more defeat-able than the 108lbs I started at. And I feel encouraged because I'm on a roll.

One weird thing that has happened this week is that I've woken up the last 4 days feeling fat. Its not that my clothes are tight or anything like that, I just feel HUGE!! and then I get on the scale and see it down a point or two from yesterday and I spend all day convincing myself I really am looking better even though I feel blah today. 

Also ... I got off my exercise wagon after day 1 last week, but I got back on yesterday so maybe I'll stick with it this time. I took a nice long walk around campus yesterday before/after dinner... I'm trying to decide what I will do today... maybe I'll try out the gym here this afternoon/tonight... who knows!? (*God Does*) 

Here are the stats:

Weight Loss this week: 1.4 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 8 lbs
Total Loss To-Go: 100 lbs!
Days without soda: 7 of 365
Days with Exercise: 1 of 50

Thanks for reading! 
Have a good Monday!

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