Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm getting started!

So now that I've had my 30 before 30 list complete and have been letting it settle for a week I've decided its time to get started on it (with some urging from the baking bride). 

The first thing I started on was filling out my application for Mfuge this summer (#20). I've got all of it filled out except my references.

Another thing I started was my year with no soda (#25). I decided the sooner I start it the sooner I can finish. So I am on Day 3 now and I've only really wanted a coke once. One thing that never occurred to me when planning on doing this is the $$ that I will save. It hit me as I handed over a $5 bill at Popeye's yesterday and got plenty of change back, when if I were to have gotten the combo It would have been over $6. Score! I'm thinking about putting all the $$ I'll save into a Jar and just see how much it saves me over the course of this next year! (and maybe it will help fund one of my other goals!)

One thing I started this morning was my 1st day working on (#26) exercising every day for 50 days. I did some simple arm flab exercises while watching the view! 

Heres the Countdown:
Days without soda: 3 of 365
Days with Exercise: 1 of 50

Until Next Time!

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