Saturday, September 15, 2012

Breakfast a la Turkey Bacon

One thing I can have on the South Beach plan is EGGS. 

I practically survived on them last time I did this plan and kind of haven't eaten them much since. I guess I got kind of burned out on them, but none the less its really hard to do South Beach passing up the eggs.

As you know I live in a dorm so I have little stove access so I had to think/find a way to cook this staple food in my room and safely. 

Well did you know that you can cook eggs in the microwave? yeah, I can see the confused and disgusted look on your face. You can! and mine were pretty good. I shall tell you how I made them.

* I looked up about 5 ways to make them and combined the best tips into one easy to follow recipe *

Don't they look yummy!!

Eggs in the Microwave

You Need: 
Microwaveable Bowl   
2-3 eggs  
I can't believe its not butter spray
1 tbsp water        
seasonings of your choice (I used Tony's)

1. Mix all of the ingredients in the bowl, stirring well. 
**The water keeps the eggs moist so they don't over cook and get chewy. **

2. Microwave eggs for 30 seconds. 

3. Stir

4. Repeat until cooked fully. 
You know what runny eggs feels like so make sure you have cooked your eggs all the way so that your tummy doesn't get any bugs. 

*You may also add cheese to your mix if you'd like, mix it in before you begin cooking your eggs. 

Now cook yourself up some turkey bacon (follow directions on pack) and have yourself a great South Beach approved meal. Yumm.

Happy Bacon Eating!!

p.s. Bacon is my favorite just in case you didn't know

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