Monday, September 24, 2012

Best Dishes!! A Friend's Cookbook

Love & Best Dishes for the Mr. And Mrs. 

yes this is set up on a ping-pong table. :) 
That was the title of the cookbook we put together for our dear friend Melissa's wedding shower this past weekend.  We filled it with the recipes of the foods made for the shower as well as some of her favorites from our college days! Since it was a Kitchen Shower I thought this little gift would be one she treasured for years as she added to it from time to time.

Here's how you can make one for your bride-to-be!
You will need:

1 3-Ring Binder (I got heavy duty because I am expecting Lots of use)
1 Pack of Dividers
1 Pack of 50 Clear Page Protectors
1 Pack of Cardstock (I purchased the pastel assortment)
2 or 3 pages of fancy 8x10 Invitation paper for the Covers 

**Important note: Make sure to let the guests know to come ready with a recipe to share. Some of us have a few recipes memorized but if it gets too complicated its nice to have already have it written down somewhere just to copy when they arrive. **

How to put it together:

1. Make Cover Pages. To do this I used the fancy 8x10 invitation paper found at the local stationary store. You can also just whip one up on your favorite desktop publishing program. I didn't have a printer so I simply hand wrote the cover page. I included the title, an explanation, and the date of the shower. I also cut up the second page with this art on it and used it to decorate the back and side pockets for a completed all around look.

2. Label the dividers. I divided the cook book into these categories: Party Foods, Sweets, Main Dishes, Others, and Our Favorites. 

3. Set up the Table. Lay out the paper and pens with instructions to fill out recipes with a note for the bride and groom and a spot to place the completed recipe cards. 

4. Collect the Cards.

5. Put it together for the Bride. Insert the pages into the protectors then put them into the correct categories. Put extra paper in the back inside pocket and the extra protectors at the back of the binder so she can add to it at later showers or as the years go by. 

6. Present it to the bride and give her a big fat hug!! 

She will love this special gift. 
Especially if she is as sentimental as me and our friend Melissa! 
There is a story to go with each of those recipes and she can tell you exactly what it is!

Happy gift giving!!

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