Saturday, July 24, 2010

Perplexed Am I !

So... after a year of pretty much taking a break from too much artsy stuff I am beginning to realize that I am really good at this stuff and... well... it could sell... i just have to make it.

This brings me to a perplexing place. I was planning on finding an afterschool job and working on my art and crafty things in order to get enough to sell at shows or just from home or simply working on the art. There are pros and cons to both which makes it a hard decision to make.

so... i am going to see what you guys think...

here are some facts about work:
>i will only be able to work 3 hours a day at an on campus job (15 hrs a week)
>probably will be getting paid minimum wage
>it will give me a extremely full schedule (9am-5pm) everyday which makes for a tired girl with lots of extracurricular activities and little time to work on much else than school work
>i have a job on game weeks but like i said... it won't be for very many hours
>I don't have a job lined up at this time... i have made some calls but no response yet

facts about the art side:
>i love it
>If i don't work then i'll have at least 3 hours a day to work on getting together a large stash for resale
>It takes money to buy supplies
>i don't have much room in which to do art work.
>i really enjoy it and feel calmer and at home when I can do it
>I have 1 contracted work (thanks to Chelle) already
>I have a boutique owner in Alaska and slidell that is interested in selling my work for a small commission

hmmm... looks like the pros and cons are pretty convincing to my free spirit but not to my responsible and planning for the future side!

Soooo... Let me hear what you guys think...

p.s. Everyone that comments (on either side) i will make something for you... like i said... i really like doing this stuff


  1. Well Chelsea, first I want to say how much I enjoy reading your impress me more with every one you write.
    As far as the answer as to which to choose, in looking at the pros and cons, sounds to me like you answered with your long as you have a mom and dad at home paying for your school and any other neccessities...what is a few hours a day at minimum wage? not enough to say no to something you love to do, and if God is leading you to do this, He will bless your efforts and you will do well...Pray about it, only you will know the answer! I'll be sure to say a prayer for you myself...God will show you what is right!
    Love you, and hope this will be an easy decision for you...
    Lisa Martin

  2. thanks Ms. Lisa! I appreciate those prayers more than you know!
    - Chels

  3. facts about the art side:
    >i love it



  4. Well, I dont know anything about your But I know that I had to move out of my home the summer after I graduated high school. I ended up working 2 jobs while trying to go to school and the end result...I ended up having to not go back one semester because I had to work to support myself. Then life happened and I met my husband and now we have 2 small babies. Now Im a stay at home and missed out on doing the things I always wanted to do. Not that I would trade my family for anything! So my opinion is if you have the means to do what you love then go for it!

  5. thanks j-money! ... you always seem to put things into perspective! i think i'll keep you around!

    and cbaty, i do have great parents who will support me until may so... i think i may be going for it... until may that is!

  6. Well i think I have a little insight since I've lived with you for 2 yrs... You do artsy things naturally. Maybe you could just do one job for some extra cash. (My vote is CFR, obvious reasons ;) ) and I know art is one of your passions so you should for sure do art, and you are great at it. YOu have to find the balance for yourself. Do what you love, especially if nayNay and Charlie are supportive either way.

    PS: I feel like I can call your dad charlie now. I just decided :)


  7. If the parental troop is still helping and you've got prospects to sell your work...I say artsy side (and not just because you said you'd make us stuff-although...jk). Is there a job on the side? You mentioned something about games? I'd say artsy with that on the side.

  8. hey everyone ! email me your shipping address and i'll send you the thing that i have made you for commenting on my dilemma