Monday, January 9, 2012


I'm struggling today.

My back is hurting in a weird place so I didn't get to work out this afternoon.

Also after I rested a while, I got up and at dinner and started trying to check and make sure all things were on track with my scholarship and other moneys before I head over to orientation at the end of the week and I realized that I missed a deadline for part of my scholarship, by 3 days.

SO frantically I tried to complete it, messing up twice, and emailing the financial aid office in hopes of trying to figure out some way of getting this scholarship even though I missed the deadline. I'm frustrated at myself for not double checking that date. I was counting on this scholarship so I wouldn't be really broke, just a little broke. Ugh!!


And now I want to eat. It doesn't matter what. I just want to eat. I've already had 2 cuties and a couple of bottles of water to ward off that hunger... But its only 7... and there is still a football game to watch.

I just needed to share that today has been a rough diet day.
Thanks for listening!

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