Saturday, January 7, 2012

Man I'm Hungry!!

So as you have read in my last post I have set on an adventure to get fit. This week I have killed it in the gym more than I ever have in a week's time before.

Wednesday I completed Week 1 Day 3 of Couch to 5K.
Thursday I completed 90 minutes of Power Yoga
Today (Saturday) I completed Week 2 Day 1 of Couch to 5K plus some upper body work

One thing I didn't think about when I began to work out is how hungry it makes you. You see, I have tried to start eating better and less than normal and have been able to do a relatively good job at it other than on special occasions and Holidays but, since I've started this work out regimen, I have been so hungry. Not just boredom hunger but like real hunger.

It was weird. and unexpected. so then I did what any college educated girl would do...

and I found an article by Times Health.

At first I was really discouraged that all this hard work in the gym was for naught in my ambitions to lose weight, but as the last 24 hours has marched on I came to realize something. I am not going to the gym to lose weight. I am going to change the body I have into a healthier more fit version of myself. A body that can do more. A body that can run a 5K. A body that can last through any yoga class an be able to do every move.
A body, although it may not be perfect but is known for persistence.

This is what I have to do to lose the weight:
Quit putting calories in my mouth.
Remind myself that a Coke is so much better when you haven't had one in a while.
Choose good stuff over Junk.
Have everything in moderation, even the good stuff.
Eat breakfast.
Stay away from sugar.
Believe in myself.

So this is my plan. Please Encourage me!

I have to remember: I am slim and trim and I weigh 125 lbs. (see Resetting My Appestat... to be posted soon)

Until Next time,
Chelsea Lou

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