Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The new year is looking bright!!

I'm growing up and realizing now is the time to start living like I want to live to the best of my ability. Here are a few ways 2012 is going to be great!

Number 1:

2011 is going to be my last fat year.
Next new years I will be slim and trim and I will be much more athletic.

You see. I am a runner now. I mean its only been 4 trips to the gym since I began but I'm doing it. I used to not even be able to think about running without my back spasming. I've found that if I run on an incline on the treadmill my back doesn't hurt! I am so amazed with this. I've started the Couch to 5k Program and will be a real deal 5K-er in just 10 weeks (well 9 now because I'm already a week in!)

Now I've got to get this fat girl mind trained to be a fit girl. It will come. I know it!

Number 2:
I'm getting control of my finances.

In August when I got my Big Girl job I started keeping a Excel sheet for my savings accounts and It has really opened my eyes to how important it is to keep up with all the debits and credits in any account. It makes you more aware of what you are spending and makes you think about how necessary each purchase is. Tonight I added sheets to my Excel file for my checking accounts so that I start thinking about how I am spending my spending money.
I'm really excited about this because I am looking to save more money and spend less. I think this tool will help me reach my goals.

I've also decided to put $10 each paycheck into savings for the Bakery we will be opening one day. Its time to really start investing in my future monetarily. I know its not much but every little bit counts and I know that God will bless my giving and planning for the future!

Number 3:
I'm starting GRAD SCHOOL.
In just 1 week I'll be heading over to NOBTS for orientation. I am nervous and excited about this adventure. I'll be studying for my Masters in Christian Education with a specialization in Women's Ministry. This is another reason that I've really got to start paying attention to my spending. Seminary is pricey!
Please be in prayer for me over this. There are lots of things going on this semester and I need to stay focused and I want to stay focused on this. I'll post next week for specific prayer requests on this subject.

I'm sure that there are some other reasons this YEAR is going to be AMAZING but those are the big 3 on my mind tonight!
I just wanted to keep you guys updated on my life! I hope to blog more over this next year too. Hopefully with great updates to these adventures!

Until Next Time,

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