Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Remember when...

This is an interesting fact that only my close friends (until now when I am putting it on the internet) know about me.

I have a really fantastic memory.

Like I can tell most people i know what I was wearing and where I first met them (or even saw them). Its kind of a weird memory thing because I forget assignments and names like crazy but I never forget a face!

Well on Monday God revealed something to me. God gave me this memory exactly like it is for a reason. That reason is for the ministering he wants me to do to people. He revealed it in a very profound way and I want to share it with y'all.

This story starts on Sunday. I am up there singing in the choir loft. From our perch up there we get to see everyone, who is not there, who comes in late, and who is not sitting in their normal spot. Well, this Sunday a cute little couple came in late and I noticed them because she is 7 months pregnant. I didn't think much more about it after I thought to myself "Isn't she cute?!" and went on with the rest of my day. I didn't make it a priority to get back to talk to them because there was another couple that joined us in sunday school and I wanted to make sure they felt welcomed.

But you see God had it all worked out.....

Monday we didn't have school for the MLK holiday so I was running my errands around 11:30 instead of my 3:30 usual time and I got to the CVS parking lot and a young couple with their toddler caught my eye. It was this same couple. I went in, pick up my meds and headed back to my car praying the whole time, "What do I do God? I know I need to do something What do I need to say?" and I drove off to the gym (located about 50 feet from CVS but it was looking like bad weather). But I couldn't just leave them there.. They had a look of distress and I just had to go back.

I am so glad I did.

It turns out that they have run on some hard times. He's looking for work and she's looking for somewhere to bring their new one home that is not a hotel room. They've been working with the pastor at our church to get some help for the past few weeks and had been coming to services and I didn't even know. (I'm absent a lot) Anyways....I got to eat lunch with them and just got to share with them and become friends and just listen. We got to pray together. Then I had $5 bucks back at CVS so I bought the baby some cold medicine and gave them my number.

They came back to church tonight and its amazing how God has just provided for them over the past few days. A job, a friend to live with and a trailer that needs some work but its affordable. Also just their faces.. you can see the relief and joy of being provided for by the Creator of the Universe.

God is so good. He loves us so much!!

On my drive back home Monday it just hit me... "I've given you this gift of memory so that you can minister to people in need." I've been thanking him for this revelation ever since. And praising him for the blessings he has given this little family!

Until Next time!

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