Sunday, January 6, 2013

Goals for 2013

So... This is my first  post of the new year.

I have a feeling that this year is going to be another full of change for ole Chelsea Lou. But change is good and I'm looking forward to see what the changes are going to be this year.

Unlike every other year in my past I'm actually going to set some specific goals and work to reach them. In the years past I've made general resolutions like "This year I will be healthier" and the like. But I've come to realize I need to put some actual tangible goals to work towards that will lead to that overall resolution of "Healthier".

2013 Goals:
1. Stick to and Finish my year without soda. 
(October 15, 2013!!) I'm already almost 3 solid months into this 30 before 30 goal of mine. 

2. Cook through my new cookbook. 
(Will make a post about this later in the afternoon)

3. Save 2 months worth of pay by June.
 I'm not sure of my job situation after May, but I will get paid through July (perks of working for a school) and to have 2 extra months saved up before then will put me in good shape regardless of the outcome.

4. Pay off my credit cards and quit using them. 
I'm not crazy in debt with these things and I really only use them for gas and other things like that, but its added up quickly and I don't like that number I see on  my bills

5. Be in this beautiful dress that I bought at JCrew when I was skinny back in 2010.
 It almost fit then but was just a little snug, and I'm at least 25 lbs heavier now soooo... needless to say... it doesn't fit. I would like to wear it to my friend's rehearsal dinner on May 31. 

I think 5 goals is a good place to start.

Please encourage me while I'm working towards these goals. I need all the support I can get because I love eating and shopping, and those two things work against my reaching most of these goals.

Have a Happy 2013!
Chelsea Lou

Total Weight Loss: 4 lbs
Total Loss To-Go: 104 lbs
Days without soda: 74 of 365

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