Monday, October 8, 2012

Its been a Great Weekend!

Hey Readers!

As the title states it was a great weekend filled with some fantastic friends from my past, shopping and super yummy food! Yes I went off plan this weekend but only on a couple of things did I really go over board, like that banana pudding concrete from Bops, the China Wok take out for dinner and a Chicken-on-a-stick from that gas station in Raleigh... they were all delicious and I believe worthy splurges. 

I didn't weigh-in today because I didn't stay at the dorm last night and I had to eat breakfast and drink 8oz of water this morning to take my meds I missed last night (oops). So I will weigh in in the morning and let you know first thing! 

I just finished this Quiet Workout I found on pinterest. Its originally from a fitness blog I have been following lately called Back on Pointe. Its definitely quiet but I can't do some of those moves... the :45 plank went down in :15 and the Jackknife crunches looked ridiculous.
 But that doesn't matter.. I did it!
 Go Me!
That means peggy gets fed today after all!
Quiet Workout from Back on Pointe
One thing that I am learning this time around is that I will never be successful on my weight loss journey if I abstain from everything delicious all the time. It has to be a life long commitment to weigh my options and go healthy when I can so later I can splurge on a cheese covered enchilada and not feel guilty. Its also reminding myself that I don't always need a side with my meal. Like that chicken-on-a-stick I mentioned earlier, when I ordered it the girl behind the counter gave me a bewildered look when I told her i didn't want any potato logs to go with it ( I wanted them but I had already made a concession for the battered and fried entree in her hand). 
One thing that I need to work on, and this will probably be a long process, is not eating after I'm full. Every meal that I ate this weekend I can remember the feeling of being full and still having food on my plate so my brain told me to keep eating. Its a learning process. Another reason this has occurred to me lately is I am trying to keep myself to a strict budget so that I can put as much into savings as possible and if I could stop eating when I first feel full I'd have a second meal from each of those that I ate too much at this weekend.

This will be my challenge to myself this week:
 To stop when I feel full and save it for later. 

Hasta la Vista!

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