Sunday, June 9, 2013

12 Skills

This morning as I lie here trying to go back to sleep before its time to get up and get ready for church my mind is being one of those spaghetti minds where one thing leads to a seemingly unrelated thing over and over again.

Somehow I ended up on the topic of things I must have picked up from teaching the Krazies last year that have been helpful in the past few months. So here is ....

12 skills I learned from teaching 12 3-year olds that are useful in everyday life: 

1) be adaptable in everything...Always have your flexible cap on and don't put too much pressure on others, we are all humans and that means we make mistakes. 

2) the quiet game is always an option... Even for adults... Sometimes (especially on long trips) you just need a break from the chatter... Everyone who can stay quiet for the next 5 minutes gets a treat!! 

3) I now have mad listening skills ... I can hear all of the conversations going on around me if I want to ... This is especially handy when playing the clothespin game at showers! It even won me a prize at the last one!

4) I have crazy control of my bladder... This is helpful in all types of situations.

5) I now have ninja-like reflexes ... Whether its to keep Nate from pouring his milk into the trash can (happened more often than you'd think) or keeping a groomsman from hitting the floor during communion it just kicks in and I don't even know what's happening until its over.

6) I can tell when anyone needs a snack to put some pep in their step or to stop them from being hangry and do my best to make it happen.

7) don't push a kid to play with the group if they aren't ready... They will come when they are... This goes for adults too.. I used to get upset if someone didn't join the group in doing something I thought they ought to.. But now I know that sometimes people aren't ready even if they look like they are.

8) if you can identify someone's love language you can shape your interactions in a positive way. You can recognize love languages pretty early on, Matty's was physical touch (that's why he couldn't stay in line, when he saw a teacher that 'needed' a hug he had to give it to her ) and Nate's was quality time (that's why he didn't take naps so it could be 'our time' together) and Andy's was acts of service (most of the time he was a hoodlum but if you gave him a job he would do it to the best of his ability and look to you to see your approval) once you see and recognize these traits you can adapt and find ways to reach out for that extra high five or ask for their help even if you don't need it.

9) Put a positive spin on everything! It makes for a lot less tears and makes life so much more joyful! 

10) if your positive spin doesn't work, music is a great tool to turn the mood around! They work even better together!
11) I was a pretty good artist before but now I can do ANYTHING with a packof construction paper, a glue stick, and a box of crayons!

Last but not least ...

12) counting down from 5 will get a whole group of people to pay attention to you in less than 5 seconds... In children's church they heard you say get in a circle but keep running around? Just count to five and they'll hop to it. They use this technique for fuge camps every summer. It brings the chatter to a minimum in anticipation for what's coming next!

So there you have it! 12 things the Krazies taught me while I was teaching them their letters and how to write their name. Sweet babies! I'm so thankful for my time with them!

It's crazy how much a short school year can change your life forever!!
Happy Sunday!

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