Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a weekend in the swamp

Ok guys... I think I'm really on my way to be a real blogger. There were several times this weekend when I thought to myself "I need to blog about that when I get back". Now I just need to get a little memo pad so I can remember what all I wanted to share with you.

On to the weekend....

1st... Diet News....
Well because we are never consistent in my parents home on where we will be and when so that means that any diet I ever am on when I go there goes out the window... plus it was baccalaureate service at church sunday and we went to Copelands... no one in their right mind would give up a free meal at a fancy restaurant to cook their own healthy food. Enough about that... I do not regret my decision to enjoy myself with my family, but I will get back on the boat this morning.

2nd.... Swamp People....
So my mother and sister were quoting this show all weekend and I was trying to figure out what they were saying. They were quoting lines from the A&E show "Swamp People". It is about natives from the waters all over the south Louisiana hunting alligators with hook, chicken or beef, and a rifle. Its so intriguing and I'm now officially addicted. I find it strange that I don't need the subtitles... A&E thinks we should need them but I can understand everything they said.

3rd... Family....
This was the first time in a long time that we just all had a good time together with minimal fighting. We even all sat on my parents bed and talked while my dad was trying his new fishing shirts on that he got for his B-Day... It was weird and nice at the same time. Some of you know that I have a family time limit of about 48 hours.. Really, I do... And although I love my sister, 48 is all we can take of each other. She's a bossy pants and I am used to living by myself and doing what I want when I want it... So that is our main beef most of the time other than the back and fourth about who's clothes are in Who's suitcase... haha

4th... The drive...
Its a 4 hour drive from here to Slidell, LA so I do alot of praying and singing of country music. God really revealed some things to me this road trip for which I am very grateful! I'll talk about those in a later post when they flesh out a bit.
I listen and sing along with the never ending variety of country music stations on the way down Miss 101, 97 okk, b 95, k 99, and Kicker 108. Yep thats the order from Northern MS to Slidell. And they all play the top hits of today which are The Band Perry's new song, "The way you lie" and I now know all the words and timing of it. I'm pretty sure that if there was a chance for me to sing it karaoke style I would do a great job at it.

Well, I'm sure there is more but this is already a long post so when I remember I'll let you know!

Enjoy the day, You can't take it with you!

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