Sunday, June 27, 2010

adventures of the bed-ridden

ok... so i am not officially bed ridden but it is the least painful place to be these past few days but God and his wonderful ways has used them to bless me. He has taught me that ministry can happen from a bed with no contact with the people i am supposed to be ministering to... it just happens through other people who may not have the time or courage to go if i were well enough to do the things we had planned. He allowed me to make a friend in Wal-Mart waiting on my prescription and although she wasn't completely there, I brought a smile to her face and gave here the attention that even her daughter did not seem to have time to give her.
God also blessed me with $2o on the floor in the doorway of walmart to pay for my meds... praise him!
although i am more than ready to get back out into town and see people again i am even more eager to see what else God has planned in this time of pain and slowing down!

sorry that was all over the place but its just alot of info that fits together but doesn't(if that makes any sense)
love you all!
-chelsea lou

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